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DJ Sacks weekly appreciation thread:Theme Hospital

DJ Sack

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Doctor! Incoming patients with kidney beans, Nurse to the leg cast room, The health inspector is here for a visit!

Theme hospital, a sort of follow up to theme park. The idea of the game is to create hospitals, but unlike theme park there is a sort of level structure. You start off with one building and some money and a limited amount of rooms, diagnoises, this is where doctors see the patients and diognoise them, pharmacy to hand out the drugs to cure people, physciatry (SP?) where people can talk about their problems and over come them. you also need to build a staff room as your staff need to rest, and some toilets for your patients to have a dump.

Like theme park people would be sick, in HUGE waves, if you had a hospital with 200 people stuck in one area, it just wouldnt stop. Rats would run around and you'd need to clean up rubbish as well.

the bios for nurses and doctors all had funny references to theme park and types of people you meet at a real hospital.

Graphics are nice and solid, with really funny people, invisable people, radio active and who could forget the bloated head guys. Theres so many fun rooms you'd unlock later on in the game, such as the jelly machine to make see through people solid, the blood machine to diognoise people and the tounge roller to cut of that extra long tounge.

Laying down your rooms was easy with a simple sim city grid reference. You could furnace rooms with bins, plants and radiators.

To complete a level you'd normally need to have a set rating of people who liked your hospital, money, and a set amount of cured people. Kill too many people and you'll be shut down.

Great game, but like Bullfrogs other efforts ran out of ideas halfway through, still great fun completing though, just hope they make a follow up to it!

Buy Theme hospital for the PC!

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A friend of mine had this on the PC, but it kept crashing. She bought another copy, same problem.

I managed to track down a copy on the PlayStation for her, and she was super-excited... but when she put the disc in, it was fucked.

She was gutted.

Merry Christmas, all!

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