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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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Yup, some point last night, along with my tent.

The tent was gone, or emptied? Are you able to check with Rolle that it wasn't a bug?

After I left you I set my tent up in a great spot on the west edge, near Pustoshka, but then wasn't able to access it :(

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Last night was brilliant. We were hunted down and executed one by one, that was intense along with the associated forum e-drama that followed. It seems one of our killers has been banned for KOSing someone else.

After respawning I met with a random bloke gave him a blood transfusion and then headed to Starry to meet with MB and Sponge, the place was crawling with other players, I think Sponge counted 7 of them. We presumed them to be hostile and I took my position in the pig barn to observe them whilst Sponge and MB looked on from the hills. There were tense moments as they came close,and in one instance, in to the pig barn.

Our cover was blown when Sponge and MB were flanked and told to go with their captors. turns out they were all really sound and they were happy for us to loot the tents whilst they fixed their cars.

Last night was an experience we would not have got on any other server.

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Me/MB/RMG/Herb met up at Vybor. Killed some zombies, and grabbed some loot. We then decided to go meet Strat in Stary. First though, we checked out a barn NE of Vybor. We were standing in the road when we saw a guy on a scrambler coming down the road towards us. MB said hello, but the guy didn't stop, so he stepped off the road to get out of the way. Next thing the guy swerved right into him and knocked him flying, and then drove 100 yards further on before slowing down. MB said he'd been killed, so me and RMG opened up on the guy with our SAW and FAL respectively. RMG hit him and he drove off. RMG chased him on foot for a bit, but then realised how close to the airfield we were and ran back. We set up a tent in some trees next to the barn so that we could put MB's stuff in it for when he came back, but then shots started hitting the ground around us, and I felt a poof on the ground next to me :eyebrows:

We, being real men, immediately hid in the barn and waited for Strat :)

All was quiet so after a while we ran up to the wall of the airfield. However, RMG got shot and had to crawl back to the barn and patch himself up. Me and Herb met Strat at the wall, and then Strat spotted the two shooters on a hill in the distance. I think at this point Strat went to the barn with RMG. Then he said he saw another two guys, who told him to get in the barn or they'd shoot him. He went into the barn and then they shot at him anyway.

At this point me and Herb were on the other side of the wall, with it between us and the barn 100 yards away, and between us and the shooters. Suddenly Herb briefly spotted a guy on our side of the wall. I got up and saw him crouching. Strat said it was the guys who shot at him, so I gunned him down with the SAW. Straight away I saw the second guy sit up from prone, so opened up on him as well, and saw Herb doing the same. I ran over to check the bodies and found both guys were each carrying a DMR and MK48! I went prone while I cleared some space in my pack for a MK48, but before I could a saw a couple of sniper shots hit the ground inches from my head. I got up and me and Herb ran off in a huge circle to try to flank the snipers.

At this point I think the snipers took out Strat. Or was it the other two guys?

Eventually we got behind the hill the snipers were on. We were discussing the plan, when I got shot from behind, passed out, and died. A few minutes later the same happened to Herb. They must have seen us, and out-flanked us.

Then the server restarted and RMG was able to log off in safety in the barn.

We found out after that guys me and Herb got had complained about us, but that Strat had told them that we were with him and they'd shot at him, so that bit was all good.

The guy on the bike though was saying that he swerved to AVOID MB, and the reason he'd slowed was to offer help as he'd seen that he'd hit someone. He said that once we opened fire he decided to go and patch himself up and then come back for revenge. In actual fact he recruited a couple of guys to come after us, while he logged off. RMG agreed with him in the shoutbox thing that it was all a misunderstanding and called a ceasefire, but his mates carried on attacking us anyway.

That was nonsense about him slowing to help though I reckon, because he later said that we'd tried to rob him. If we'd tried to rob him, why would he care about stopping to help one of us that he'd run over while 'escaping'?

Anyway. It was all good fun, though I'm mightily gutted about losing the SAW :(

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It was mental. Fucking mental. I was sweating like mad when I was in the barn and the were taking pot shots at me through the windows. Still can't quite believe I made it out alive.

The way this game turns from a pleasant stroll with mates into a super tense stand off is just incrediballs.

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