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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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Team Clusterf**k on the forums ? Im getting a bit annoyed with their attitude now.

Just had this reply from a CB (again) forum admin

"In you own private coms thats you choice, on the forums its not ok and will nit be tolorated, as for in game thats up to a admin but cusing is an exceuse for a lack of vocabulary and isnt needed.

How do you reply to that without taking the piss? He didnt even answer my question. I think someone else is going to have to take over the PR department.

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Gaaaaaah. Why did I have to set up my computer in my bedroom? My woman wanted to go to sleep, so I had to log off. Flipping great fun, too.

We all found ourselves scattered around stary, which was mental. At first MB had found a car and was looking for a wheel for it. Then a couple of guys turned up on a motorbike and kept MB away while they fixed and took the car for themselves.

Then a camper van came along, which we tried unsuccessfully to rob.

Loads of people were running around. It was mental.

Three guys turned up in a car, and we tried to rob that too. But in true Clusterfuck style RMG and Strat ended up blowing it to smithereens, incinerating two of the passengers, and I mistakenly shot a bystander in the face.

Eventually we headed off, when a guy called village jumped on mumble and said he was at Skalisty Island with broken legs, and was lying next to a helicopter. Despite it sounding like the most obvious trap in the world, we made our way there. Sure enough, there was a helicopter, with a guy lying nearby with broken legs :)

I patched him up, and then me and MB set off on a bike to look for parts to repair a heli. Strat set off north east on foot to look too, and then five minutes later declared that he'd accidentally run north west instead, towards the airfield :)

After several unsuccessful lootings of towns, someone (Martin?) found the main part needed. Me and MB continued looking for scrap. Then I had to log off :(

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