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Worst Mistake Of My Life...


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Oh dear.

My gamertag, selected the other night, was the result of a history of poor usernames. Things that were great names once soon become dated, and annoying, and embarrassing. I thought I'd choose something that wouldn't change. My name. StephenM.

A boring choice, I'm sure you might think, but that's not my point. No, my pain comes through the idiots than inhabit Live. People, seeing my name, assume that since they know someone whose forename is Stephen and surname begins with an M, I must be that person. Cue "What's your surname? I know you..." and "I know StephenM from school!". The stupidity kills me.

So please, dear friends, I beg of thee - don't ask me that question if our paths cross. I pledge rapage upon the next Live idiot.

:) Seriously though, think I shoulda gone for something else. Anyone else got any tragic gamertag related stories?

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