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The Smoking and BBQ thread

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On 04/08/2019 at 15:48, Cras said:

Some pictures of this weekend.


Meat arrives - some trimming needed!



Ron the smoker is loaded up with brisket and pork, just before midnight Friday




Morning check, looking good.




How many people were you feeding?!

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Did pulled pork on the traeger yesterday, turned out awesome.


Got a 5lb cut of pork butt, cut it into more manageable pieces, trimmed the excess fat and used a basic Montreal steak style dry rub then put it in the fridge overnight.


Stuck it on the traeger at about 8am:




Took it off about 4 hours later, wrapped it in foil and poured about a cup of apple juice into each foil pouch then stuck it back in:





Left if for another 6 hours or so and took it out and let it sit in the foil for about 45mins.


Turned out amazing, literally just fell apart :)







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On 04/10/2019 at 15:17, Jonny5 said:

Why? You already have one. 


I like Weber stuff I guess... I’ve been tempted all summer to get the new Traeger esp a double lined one so this is merely an extension of that plan - I never claimed it was a sensible idea!

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4 hours ago, The Hierophant said:

Anyone done a turkey for Christmas on the BBQ?

yeah, its really good.


indirect heat, brine and spatchcock the bird to ensure even cooking. More recently moved to a big crown as we all prefer the white meat and even easier to cook evenly.


cooks really fast too as no big cavity to heat thru.

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I've cooked a turkey before on a Weber kettle using the snake method following those instructions. 


One thing I would say is that there's way too much liquid in that gravy recipe. I had to use one of those disposable turkey trays to hold it all and that completely messed up the flow of air through the kettle. That meant I couldn't get it up to 325°F so the cook ended up taking almost two hours longer than it should have. Still nice in the end but obviously not what it should be. And the turkey gravy was too smoky for anyone to enjoy. :doh:


The second time I just used a standard drip sized drip tray half filled with water. Got the kettle up to temp, and holding temp, way easier so the bird cooked on time and was delicious. Not what I'd consider a traditional BBQ taste but universal thumbs up. No gravy that time but I'm sure there's good recipes out there for using the giblets and trimmings to make a cook gravy. 



Fake Edit: I see they've added instructions for using a slow n sear. Which is nice. 

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I have £2-300 to spend on a barbecue, ideally within the next week.


I'm looking for gas, for typical family and entertaining cooking. Any recomendations?


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