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Cyberpunk 2077 - Please use spoiler tags

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7 hours ago, Simmy said:

This happened to me last night as I was walking around minding my own business and I've honestly no idea if it's a bug or a glitch or is just some procedurally generated suicide :lol:


No spoilers here by the way - pretty early on.


Xbox Series X running performance mode




I just had the same thing happen playing on PS4.


The corpse disappeared just after it hit the ground.

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No I'm having the same issue with the car camera. Sometimes like I mentioned earlier, its just a delay but in the last hour or two I've had instances where it just refuses to switch camera. Definitely seems like a bug.


Just had another crash on PS4 doing nothing special.


Spent the last hour doing side quests and despite the technical issues Night City seems really cool so far. It feels like a real place and the design and atmosphere is awesome. There's tons of people going about and you can spend ages just looking at them, they've all got their own fashion, augments, little animations, its ace - although I have noticed the same NPCs cropping up from time to time, in some cases right next to each other (unless they're clones/got the same artificial body). Not that its realistic to expect unique random NPCs but dont go in expecting that. There's tons of detail in the environments and its fun to just walk around the side streets and alleys finding little bars and shops. I've decided to turn off main quest subtitles as I find myself reading ahead and not focusing on the cool character animations in dialogue scenes, even if its hard to tell if you misheard something or it was just techno/street babble without them.


Regarding the release being too early, from a financial point of view they really couldn't have justified pushing it past christmas. Christmas can massively boost game sales and with the other delays and the hype can you imagine the fury and backlash they would have had if it had been delayed yet again. Even though they knew it was in a state the backlash from bugs etc isn't comparable to how bad the reception and sales hits would have been if they'd pushed it back another month or two (and chances are there still would have been issues).

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5 minutes ago, Graham said:

As the game loads and you’re left at Press to continue, that tune playing is a banger :blah::wub:


One positive from my crashes is that from the main menu loading a save I now get a slick TV report with animated shots from around V's apartment. Pretty cool, and I imagine the news will update as the game progresses.

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1 hour ago, smac said:



Corp, Street Kid or Nomad? Anyone gone corp, yet? I feel I should for that Adam Jensen vibe.

I went Corpo, it's not that big a deal really, just a short introduction sequence, although the conversation options came in handy in one of the first main quests. 

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2 hours ago, Mr C said:

Pretty sure text size can be changed in the settings 

Only subtitles. But not the diagetic ones which are a little bit too small. The text size on your phone etc is fine but there’s an internet of sorts and the text size is stupid tiny. Some of the UI text on tool tips is a bit too small too especially in red-on-red. I got new glasses a month ago so it’s not that! 

I’m loving it though, haven’t seen much actual gameplay yet but I’ve done a lot of walking around looking at things. 

Best glitch I’ve had is an npc car come at top speed into a nearby food stall and the physics went mental. The car shot up in the air, random props like bin bags exploded like grenades and nobody batted an eyelid. 

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4 minutes ago, spanx said:

Playing through The Pickup mission


Its bastard hard, mainly because I think I’ve made some bad life choices already. 

And it’s crashed about four times now


Ditto - I'm thinking that maybe "hard" difficulty was a mistake.

Though I should have checked my cybernetics and grenades a bit towards the end of that mission.

And I haven't had a crash during The Information or the few side missions I thought I'd better do to pick up some more skills.

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3 hours ago, Retroguy said:

That’s the problem with this situation- on the one hand you’ve got people paying full price for a game that’s clearly unfinished, and on the other you’ve got the rank and file guys at CDPR who’ve been working god knows how many hours a week.



Yeah .. that is a real quandry alright!


If only there was a way out of this moral maze...

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I’ve had one bug and a glitch. The bug was really early on, I couldn’t select a dialogue option apart from the 1st one. A restart fixed that.


The glitch was a a graphical thing, I went to sit in a doctors chair and my avatar kinda sat next to it in mid air. When the dialogue etc started they moved to the right place.

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A few glitches, having done the prologue and intro mission; very mild ones, and nothing game-breaking, but enough for me to put the game down and wait for it to be ready, as they did jar.



  • had absurdo-spawn occur at the end of the street rat prologue, when a car that was meant to drive into shot instead spawned in view before smashing into a wall. After which its NPCs all got out as if nothing happened and carried on with their involvement in the cutscene
  • had the previously-mentioned 'endlessly squealing tyres' issue when getting driven around, which was rather distracting
  • found the apartment mirror to be completely borked; when you turn it on it acts as though massively over-exposed, eventually dimming over a minute to merely 'extremely bright' rather than 'retina-burning'; glad I don't have HDR enabled. On top of that, if wearing a hat it doesn't render it, and also removes the hair under it. Which is... interesting.
  • The aforementioned HUD issues, where the game has lots of screens that don't support ultra-widescreen, so it adds bars to the side of the screen, but any screens which use the HUD and do this (as opposed to dedicated menu screens) have the HUD stay in situ, so it ends up partially covered
  • Weirdly, if I change the volume of my (USB) speakers, it causes the camera to go absolutely insane every time I press a volume button. As in, leap up and down with no rhyme or reason. Obviously I don't spend the game adjusting my volume, but it was an odd quirk.
  • also, I don't know if this is a bug or just weird implementation, but the head bob in the game is just... weird. Light, jilted, stuttery motion with no natural gait, both far less emphatic and far more jittery than any other game I've played. Like, it's constantly twitching up and down by a couple of centimetres, rather than actually bobbing. Just uncomfortable-feeling.

Again, nothing actually game-breaking, but given that's I've found all of that quite distracting over 30 minutes of play, I've decided to wait for now, before I get to bigger problems in more significant scenes.

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Gonna be honest, not read the last 3 pages, as it just seemeds like a lot os sad bitching.


m y 2 cents.


on base bone and ps4, its similar to GTA running on ps360, its pushed them too far. end of. The same game running on ps5/xsx, seems pretty great! 60fps! win!


now...ima be honest, the simple fact is, the ps5/ xsx is NOT going to get the game how it looks right now on PC with high end RTX cards, as, well ,the amd stuff in them ,is simply not good enough. its not, its a fact, sorry.

The port royal scores show it as being similar to nvidia...from 2 years ago...at the high end(the 6900-xt, is similar to a 2080ti in RT performance)...ie  not at all what's in the consoles.


So, i would assume there will be a fidelity / performance option that turns on some RT, but locks it back down to 30fps, when the enhanced version gets released.


and to whoever it was that said DLSS was "a crutch" it isn't, its a fantastic design DECISION for reconstruction ,which, in two years, has become the pinnacle of reconstruction techniques! and allows RT to run in real time with performance, and, when not using RT, just gifts you 30% performance!


and for the ppl bitching about not playing it becasue of bugs...i've got version 1.03 on gog, and had no major bugs, and one minor, a sound sample kept playing, when th person was dead...in 7 hours...


the fact is, is you have PS5/ XSX get it, and enjoy it! it will run superbly, and...its fucking great! :D

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I don’t know that the series x / PS5 need ray tracing for this.

The ultra settings look great, the texture detail looks great, and they should be able to do 4k/30 easily and 4k/60 upscaled a small amount fairly easily. 

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