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Cyberpunk 2077 - Please use spoiler tags

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I am starting to wonder if this might be shit. There a lot swirling around it now and to delay that close to launch seems odd. 

On the one hand, I don’t see how it could be. Buggy, yeah, but shit? I dunno. 

I’m not sure it’ll be anything new in terms of gameplay really but it’s more about the world and atmosphere. 

It’s starting to look like there are some real issues though and there’s a chance it’s just fucked. 

All that hype and at the start of a new gen. I think if it is shit it’ll go down as some legendary cautionary tale. 

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Add me to the "Lots of delays probably means it's coming in very hot. ...and broken." list. 


There seem to be versions out there though, Xbox put a video out with the game seemingly installed on the hard drive of a Series X, and I think I saw it on some Youtubers' videos too. I wonder what that looks like if you boot it? 





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Hmmm, this is now out two days after my next exam, so I can play it guilt-free, and it means I can cancel the following week I'd booked off and take it over xmas instead... The PS5 is out Nov 19th anyway so … yeah, I'm okay with this.

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11 minutes ago, Wahwah* said:


You can get it down to 6 if you count it that way.



PS4 Pro






I'd say counting the game running via BC on the new consoles as it's own unique platform a stretch at best. It's not like they're doing a submission for each, they're submitting a build for PS4 and a build for Xbox which will run across that family of devices. (plus the region specific builds for Sony of course but those will be as close to identical as you can get unless something fucks up in the build process).

Edit - should also add that doing a massive release like this across multiple platforms is a huge logistical nightmare but it's not like they're new to it or couldn't have seen this coming a mile off. All comes down to a failure in management, as always.

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Damn. I too had booked time off for a week of guilt free PS5 and this. I think I might keep the time off as I need a break, but cancel the Series S pre-order and buy Demon Souls instead to play and then just assume this will be out "at some point" and not book anything around it.


I can see it being buggy at launch anyway given where they are in the process and then delaying it, but some of these assumptions that it's going to be shit feels like a leap though based on the evidence we've seen. The Witcher 3 with a futuristic skin on it would be amazing and this looks way way beyond that. If it's just not for you then fair enough.

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17 minutes ago, djbhammer said:

Well at this rate the full blown next gen versions will be out at the same time. 


Or delayed until x amount of time after they get this version out, more likely. I was waiting until the proper next gen patch comes (also a bit open world fatigued right now) and this news has made me absolutely certain I will. Oh, and it has to actually be really, really good as well.

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