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Cyberpunk 2077 - PS5 and XSeries versions out now + major patch


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3 hours ago, ZOK said:

Man, you’ve got to get all over Sterling.


Thanks for the recommendations - I'll see if I can pick that anthology up in time for Christmas, give myself something to read over the bank holidays!


Also, on the subject of alternative cyberpunk games as discussed a little upthread, may I also suggest people take a look at the somewhat nastier than VA-11 Hall-A take on running a bar that is The Red Strings Club, which is definitely a little story worth playing through; and the extremely mellow PS1-era-graphics-inspired photograph-em-up Umurangi Generation. Both make for engaging interactive cyberpunk vignettes, over in a few hours but capturing the imagination over that run time.

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5 minutes ago, davejm said:


Gosh I've never seen captcha so aggressive... took me ages to activate... I'm gonna be dreaming of traffic lights and fire hydrants!


Glad not just me then. Thought I was going a bit loopy. :lol: 

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31 minutes ago, Lying Cat said:

PS4 with a teeny bit of PS5 pre-patch


  Hide contents



I don't think there will be any spoilers there, especially not in the (lulzy) thumbnail, but spoilered, just in case.


This could very well be pre-patch in order to get a reaction as this dude has a history of just spouting absolute vitriol towards anything hugely popular. 


Regardless, even pre patch this is rougher than the bottoms of my hairy feet. 


Edit: turns out he is a normal dude, with a comedy YouTube persona. 

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Just watching some French guy streaming PS4 Pro footage and I'm pleasantly surprised, looks pretty decent from a technical standpoint, some LOD/texture streaming in a bit late or whatever but nice enough.


Gives me hope I'll be squeezing some decent visuals out of my PC.

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4 minutes ago, SuperCapes said:

How does it look to you Simmy? I am looking forward to midnight for PS5!


Absolutely fine to my eyes on Series X! I'm sure when Digital Foundry zoom in 600% my opinion will change massively though and their framerate graph will retrospectively sour how good I think it looks /s


But yeah... Looks fine to me :)

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I'm assuming the day one patch (PC) is either in the pre-load or will be available before it opens up?


Planning on getting up early tomorrow and giving it a bash for a couple of hours before work, but fully anticipating that being a "watch a download bar for two hours before work" type experience

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1 hour ago, ZOK said:

[Bruce Sterling]

He’s also written a great essay on the birth of bulletin boards et al called The Hacker Crackdown which is an essential read.

Not the birth, so much as near the end as the Internet took over.


What's really relevant to this topic is the chapter on Steve Jackson Games; they were raided because they were working on GURPS: Cyberpunk, another Cyberpunk RPG, and so had contacts with hackers and phreaks. The feds described the game manual resources they confiscated as if they were an actual manual for cybercrime and hacking!


Led to the foundation of the EFF, I believe.

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