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Defiance - Watch the Show. Play the Game.

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by Trion Worlds


Release Date: April 2013


Unite with countless players for nonstop, pulse-pounding combat in Defiance, the third-person shooter MMO coming to Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, and PC. Wield the firepower of the future against alien horrors, ruthless thugs, and your fellow Ark Hunters. Join the transmedia revolution as your victories in a rich, seamless persistent world impact the tense serial drama coming to Syfy!




Epic Launch Trailer!

The Making of Defiance (or Lars Buttler's rants of granduer)

Bringing Two Worlds Together Trailer

PvP Developer Diary

I have never heard of the show nor do I plan on actively watching it but the game looks interesting and most of all fun.The overal art style and visuals themselves might not be the terribly original but they're definitely, for lack of a better word, solid. If anything it is nice to see the two mediums co-exist and not have one lag behind the other.

I for one am keeping my eye on this.

Rllmuk Defiance ID's
Aimless - Nephyri (PC)
Dave White - dave white (PC)
Mogster - Barry Scott (PC)
mr_woo - Vic Vaughn (PC)
VN1X - VN1X (PC)
Takizawa - Takizawa (PC)
King Antonius - Winston (360)

elementalshift - DevastatorAlpha (PC)

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I watched the trailer they did. It basically showed how far gaming has to go in terms of being about things. I mean the series is a basically a historical immigrant drama in sci fi garb, just as V was a story about Nazi occupation.

The tie-in game is about killing things for purples.

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Not that interested in PvP myself but it's nice they're innovating in that space. Though I reckon that when you're a shooter MMO it's best to have more focused maps to kill each other in, instead of just going at it every where in the world. Maybe in time hot spots will emerge where players tend to gravitate towards when it comes to blasting each other in the face.

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From my time with the beta before, I did spend a lot of time engaging enemies from distance with the rifle. Although with the abilities you can unlock, I think that's just one way of playing; and there are abilities that favour a melee style.

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mmm... dunno VN1X; it let me launch into the beta same as before once I'd updated my client.

Clippa, your thoughts are similar to mine so far. The gunplay isn't very meaty; but it's satisfying and it runs really well. Looks pretty good too, considering. Can't comment on multiplayer though dude, I haven't been able to play much this evening and when I played in the last beta I kept falling through the floor so I didn't really progress.

But yeah, I'm impressed enough to consider getting this on release. I'm really fickle when it comes to MMOGs, but the shooty combat makes a change from tabbing and clicking; yet it seems more immediate than something like Planetside with the quest hubs and smaller scale solo missions to play through.

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Gah, I'm falling through the floor all the time and respawning; and its unplayable for me in this state. You getting that clippa? I've started a new character and I'm falling through in the same place each time on the way to the 'find an open area' quest near the beginning. There were other players on the map that were running past that point without issue, so I'm wondering if it's a bug specific to me? I've logged it.

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Just had a quick romp through the tutorial bit and I'm not exactly blown away by the shooting mechanics. It all feels a bit light and floaty. I can't really explain it but it might lack 'depth' for lack of a better word? Anyone else experience this?

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Yep, it's light as fuck. As I said, the weapons don't feel meaty at all. But I still found it satisfying, but then again I'm not traditionally a fan of shooters so if I find the shooting 'OK' then it tends to be the other stuff that makes me stick at it.

Clippa, you get a sniper rifle right at the start... at least I have done the times I've created a new character.

Regarding my falling through the world bug, this happens right at the start for me so I can't summon my vehicle. But in the previous beta it was happening whether I had a vehicle or not.

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Just had a quick romp through the tutorial bit and I'm not exactly blown away by the shooting mechanics. It all feels a bit light and floaty. I can't really explain it but it might lack 'depth' for lack of a better word? Anyone else experience this?

I understand what you mean but I don't mind it. The characters, movement etc are very light but the guns I've got sound quite meaty and they make a nice thumping noise when shooting someone. It's just very fun to play I've found. It runs along at a nice clip and seems to essentially be a shooter within I'm guessing an MMO framework. I was surprised to be honest, I really quite enjoyed it. With no fee I may actually give this a go. I tried GW2 but this is right up my alley plus you can use the 360 controller and it works very nicely :D I'll be interested to see how it shapes up for release. I had no interest whatsoever before but after trying the beta I may fork out for it and give it a good go.

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Hmm I'd never heard of this until someone sent me a voice message on 360 earlier asking if I wanted to join a guild?!

So does this play anything like Borderlands?

I think I had decided this was Bungie's Destiny in my mind and subconsciously ignored it (as I'm trying to avoid spoilers for that)

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From what I've played so far I guess you could say it is a bit like a third person Borderlands though the loot's not random, all the weapons are handcrafted though there's a LOT of them. It's been fun so far, I'll be picking it up on PC, especially as there's no subscription. Pay once and that's it.

You can get a beta key for PC from MMORPG

For 360 and PS3 you can either preorder for a key or 'maybe' get one from the Defiance website Playstation Plus members in Europe will also be able to download the beta on Friday and it runs until next Monday. The 360 beta runs from Friday until next tuesday/wednesday I think. The PS3 beta is currently running all this week until next week (though you need a code to download right now, PS Plus members get access Friday) and I think the PC beta is Friday until Monday as well.

Here's a beginners guide for a quick look:

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I just hope it has a bit more than the usual mmorpg type affairs? It's one genre I just have never got on with, the endless grinding drives me nuts.

Sounds like it has promise and the non subscription thing is a welcome addition. Will give the beta a go tomorrow.

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