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Zombi U - Not Zombie U, that's not the title.

Professor Puzzles

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Hello fellow survivors, Ubisoft have kindly decided to furnish the Wii U with a proper zombie survival horror title in which you fight your way through the streets and houses of smudged up London, searching for weapons and equipment to aid your progress, guided only by a voice on the radio, and it looks really damn good!

You play as one of the non-infected residents of London and as you wander about outside Buckingham palace you may encounter a zombified guardsman or good old London Bobby who will try and bite your face off whilst uttering incomprehensible rhyming slang and - oh dead, you died. Your original character (Larry, I call him) is now dead, permanently.

But wait!

You are then given control of another character in the game (I'm calling this one Suzy) and on your travels who is that familiar figure that comes lurching towards you but good old Larry, good old dead, drooling, murmuring Larry, now doing the face-biting thing himself, the cheeky Cockney scamp. After you shoot his face off with a shotgun you are then free to desecrate his corpse and pick up all the stuff that you found when you played as Larry in his earlier, livelier state.

It looks like the game will comprise of various missions but beyond that I'm not sure of the endgame. However, here are some wobbly videos of carnage for you to gorge yourselves on, oh bloodthirsty vermin.

Official 'spruced up' gameplay trailer:

Live gameplay demo:


Also, Keza MacDonald has done a nicely detailed article based on her hands-on impressions at IGN over here: http://uk.ign.com/ar...survival-horror

It's currently slated for a release around the time of the Wii U launch. Thanks for listening and Gawd Save the Queen!*

*from all the zombies.
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That actually looks a lot better than I expected. I love the more hardcore side of it, it's been exactly what I've wanted from a zombie game for ages (day z seems sounds perfect too, but I'm not buying a full game just for an unfinished mod). Hopefully they stick to the permanent death theme.

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There's a very high chance of the Laahn-dahn voiceovers in this game being utterly terrible.

"Cam on mates weev gaht too get ahhhht ov 'ere!"

Really like the permadeath idea, that could make things really frantic if you've levelled up a character for a good few hours

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It is. The women on gametrailers wouldn't even speculate on how to progress or the end game.

Pretty bold game from Ubisoft!

What, really?

If so, this sounds like what I always wanted from a zombie game. I remember writing an epic post about what I'd like from a Dead Rising sequel, which involved being able to switch between a roster of survivors, which each survivor being a "life". Much like what is describe for Zombi U.

It would be good if there was a phase between being bitten and turning, during which time you had to administer an antidote. Though it sounds like death is quick and permanent in this one.

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It remains to be seen obviously just how open ended it is, but what they've shown and what they've said make it look very promising.

There are no saves at all, and I think it's a random survivor each time. In my head I see it having buildings to break into for extra supplies, and tonnes of secret areas. I hope there are enough random elements to make it almost infinitely repayable!

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There are no saves at all, and I think it's a random survivor each time.

Sounds amazing.

I would love it if it was a random survivor, as that would presumably mean an end to scripted sequences or "characters" interrupting the story, because it wouldn't be possible account for all the possibilities. This is a good thing, of course.

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Is there a decent YouTube playthrough video as the one in the opening post doesn't load for me?

Found one myself (it might even be the same as the OP video):


Looks interesting. I love the concept and the idea that you track down your previous character that is now a zombie to retrieve your equipment bag is quite neat.

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Oh, and the "minimal zombies" thing sounds good too. I love games where combat is rare, but terrifying and brutal.

So this will basically be 28 Days Later: The Game. Except with shuffling zombs.

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I guess that means you have a risk/reward decision to make each time you die. Do you go back into the zombie next to get all the goodies you'd accrued,or do you head straight for the next objective with some basic kit?

Looks a bit like an urban Dead Island from the brief snippet of footage I just watched.

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This post on Neogaf highlights all the media response it's been getting :


I saw a lot of people making the comparison to Left 4 Dead, based on it being a first-person shooter set in a Zombie Apocalypse. This game is definitely not that...ZombiU is a lot different from what I expected after seeing the trailer, and given how good it was I think that’s a good thing. You’re not running through this guns blazing, but carefully making it through tense situations. While we may have seen too many zombie games in recent years, I’m not sure I’ve played one quite as good as this.
In a show that's been very light on surprises so far, it's amusing that a zombie game, of all things, should be one of the biggest...At the entrance to Buckingham Palace, I cautiously take out three or four feeding zombies from afar, then scan the area. The scan pulls up no threats, but there's an ammo stash that looks promising. Whilst I'm examining what's there, though, five zombies burst out from the darkness behind me, nearly giving me a heart attack. I fumble pathetically with the controls, trying to equip the shotgun I just found, before one of them bears down upon me and eats my face. It's here that I discover that death is permanent in ZombiU - and I lose all the stuff that I've managed to pick up.The underlying concepts and the usage of the touchscreen controller are both impressive enough to shine through regardless.
ZombiU is the exclusive zombie-killing simulator for Wii U shown briefly at the Ubisoft and Nintendo press conferences. It is also one of the show's best surprisesand one of the most promising games announced for the upcoming console.

After finding the antibiotics, we bolted for the exit and promptly fell through the floor into a basement filled with viscera. An enraged zombified woman, possibly the babysitter, cornered us into a room, pacing back and forth between a hole in the wall and the only door out.

We emptied a cartridge, burying a few bullets into her clavicle, neck and chest. They briefly knocked her back, but with a lunge she got her arms around us and bit into our neck. 10:04 seconds. That's how long we lasted. We only finished off four zombies.

This is typical, we were told. This game is closer to a real zombie apocalypse simulation. People die. Constantly.

It's remarkable how intense it feels to look down into your inventory and then have to look back up to check your surroundings—it makes rooting around in your backpack during the zombie apocalypse feel like… well, rooting around in your backpack during a zombie apocalypse.At one point, things went totally batshit—the power went out, and my scanner and minimap stopped working.

I literally yelled twice from jump-scares. In fairness, I have had a TON of coffee today. But it was a whole lot of fun...Once I killed the nurse, I had to scan her with the controller screen… but she JUMPED THE EFF OUT AT ME THROUGH THE SCREEN and scared the bejesus out of me.

Sorry for the unprofessional all-caps. It was really cool, is all.

ZombiU is genuinely scary. The game is designed to be realistic; you can’t switch out weapons with superhuman speed like you can in many modern shooters. Instead you have to painstakingly dig through your backpack praying you have enough ammo that you won't need to resort to your cumbersome cricket bat. The game’s unique implementation of the Wii U hardware puts this title ahead of many of the other survival horror games released in the past few years.

Absolutely the surprise of E3.

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