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A game I'm making: Need more blind playtesting! (please help)

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Major Update: A publishers who I sent the details to finally got back in touch with me. They're interested, but I need just a bit more blind playtest feedback. I got good feedback from the UK Playtest folk, and the other guys I sent it too, but there's still an issue with the first game not really being understood (even if the next game is). So I've simplified it (removed a character, at least for the initial games), balanced it, and now need more blind playtesters. Yes, you lot. Especially those of you who I've already sent stuff to (I can send you an updated rules, board & cards if you have the pieces). If anybody is interested at all in playtesting please let me know, you would be doing me a massive favour, and you'll also probably like it, as everyone else has.


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