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OK seeing as I've been avoiding buying any games since Chirstmas anyway I may as well join in. Before I buy any more games I will try to complete (or at least play as much as I want):



Amped 2

Rainbow 6


Max Payne

F-zero GX

Mario Kart DD

Rebel Strike

Once I've finshed that lot I'll start to move on to other thing - probably around the time Halp 2 is our anyway:-)

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Done Ghost in the Shell too, was surprisingly easy, only took and afternoon of play to get through :/ It was good though. I'd best replace that with Final Fantasy 10 I spose, seeing as I spent the rest of the evening playing that.

Also, I need to take BG&E off the list, as its not working on my PC atm (sound is all screwed, and I cant figure out why). So, I'll swap that with WRC2 please :angry:

edit: 'teh'

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I finished Rogue Leader 3:Rebel Strike. Hmmm... Those on foot sections... Hmmm... Great level where you have to blow up the super star destoyer being built and also the one where you come up against the TIE hunters then have to bomb the super laser on the planet. Not as good as Rogue Leader 2 though just cause nothing touched the Battle of Endor and Strike at the Core double bill.

Anyway, my mate has leant me Ghosthunter which I started last night after everyone had gone home. So far, it's pretty good. Not quite sure why it got the slating it did.

So that's 6 games this year I've finished now and XIII is nearly done to.

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Finally completed my first game on the list, I-Ninja. Good game but repeating the levels over and over again is boring. It seems that noone can learn from Super Mario 64 (even SMS) in how to do this properly. Only got 40/64 emblems but I saw the credits.

Can you replace I-Ninja with Jak & Dakster I?

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I've been pretty bad with this list tbh, but I finally got round to completing Max Payne 2. So you can take that off my list.

Then you can add Shenmue 2, then take it straight back off 'cause I've completed it (OK so I cheated). :blink:

Add Manhunt to the list please.

I also don't like SSX3 on my list, it's not really a game you can complete, but I don't know what to put up with it. Will decide later no doubt.

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Mario Kart can come off for Pro Evolution Soccer 3 - I'm finally embarking on a master league.

And due to Frequency and Amplitude very much coming back into fashion in my household, I would like to replace SSX3 with improving my scores on Ampy and Freqy.

Getting gold on Kick Doubt has been driving me mad you see.

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Not strictly been sticking to my list but but so far this year Ive done :

Metroid Prime, Castlevania SoTN, Mariokart DD, Diablo 2, Ikaruga, NwN (and SoU expansion), Badlurs Gate : DA 1 & 2, Rogue Leader, Zelda : WW, Mario and Luigi, Flipnic, Rez, SoulCaliber 2 quest, Freedom Force, Panzer Dragoon Orta.

So the new list :

Viewtiful Joe (Adult)

KoToR (3/4 done)

Eternal Darkness (3/4 in but cant remember a thing so starting again)

Champions of Norrath (when it comes out)

? (gonna leave a slot free to whatever takes my fancy)

This year = less rpgs , much more arcade fun and I'm loving it.

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Freedom Fighters

Mario and Luigi

Viewtiful Joe

Billy Hatcher

Metroid Prime

I'd like to remove from this list Mario and Luigi (got bored before the end so sold it) and Viewtiful Joe (for the same reason). Metroid Prime also needs to be moved as I haven't actually played it since I listed it which I did in the hope I may actually put some playtime into it.

Can I please change my list to:

Freedom Fighters

Billy Hatcher


Ratchet and Clank 2 (which is an immenent purchase so I'll put it on the list now)

Fire Emblem


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