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Videogame Confessions

Corporal Flashback

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I bought Shadow of the Colossus, left it on the shelf for weeks whilst distracted with other games, and mistakenly ended up getting rid of it without even playing it.

I've bought Resident Evil 4 twice - on PC and PS2 - and haven't got anywhere with it. I'll either forget where I'm going or lose interest in it.

I got a PlayStation Vita on launch day. ;)

Never finished a Zelda game. Never finished a Metroid game. Never finished a GTA.

I tried to get into Monster Hunter twice - with 2 and Unite respectively - but by the time I finish wading through all the tutorials and trying to make sense of the various systems it feels too much like hard work. :(

I've bought Persona 3 about five times so far - PS2 original, PS2 FES. PSP Japan import, PSP US import, Vita digital download.

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Given the choice of a C64 and Mattel Aquarius i bought an Aquarius.


The next year given the choice between a C64 and a VCS....

yeap. You guessed it.

I had an Aquarius as a kid. Had one game (some rubbish Berzerk clone) and no manual so couldn't even program it. Utterly useless computer.

My confession, and I'm sure I'm not the only one (he says not reading the previous page) - I've never got beyond the first section of any GTA game. Some mission will stop me progressing somehow.

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Never completed any game in Valve's rightfully lauded Half-Life series, except for the mercifully short tech demo, The Lost Coast.

Half-Life - got upto the bit where you've just met the human marines, the AI was bloody amazing at the time, the bastards trying to flush you out with grenades and stuff like that, unfortunately something happened to my savegames, the game is too ropey looking to go back to now,

Half-Life: Decay - so close, still stuck on the very last level, the bastard ship won't die!

Half-Life 2 - Wondered about the starting station once for 5 minutes.

Half-Life 2: Ep1 - Wondered about the starting location once for 5 minutes.

Half-Life 2: Ep2 - Wondered about the starting location once for 5 minutes.

Portal - Wondered about the starting location once for 3 minutes.

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I'm another one who has started almost every Zelda game and never finished any of them. I think Minish Cap might be the closest one to finished because it's on my 3DS dashboard and I play it on the train.

Double Dash is my favourite Mario Kart game. I say this as someone who owns all of them too.

I think SSFIV is a better game than Third Strike, and AE v.2012 might be as well. It's better balanced, and it has a much stronger sense of pure Streetfighter 2 fundamentals. I love Third Strike to bits, it's one of my favourite games ever and I would choose its art style over any other, but for me parrying is completely at odds with what I love about fighting games.

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They are impressive, but I don't have the will or energy to play that sort of thing anymore, CoD4 was the last single player one I completed, and having tried it again recently, I'm amazed I had the patience at the time.

Half-Life: Decay 2 would be teh awesome though, co-op really does make pretty much everything better. I did all the campaigns on L4D in co-op if that is any consolation to Valve fans :)

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I have absolutely zero interest in any of the Final Fantasy games. I played one of them once at a friend's house, either on PS1 or PS2, and lost interest after a couple of minutes. I thought it was utter cack.

I haven't bought the last two Modern Warfares, much to the bewilderment of my friends at the time. They've since been swayed by BF3, which I rarely play anymore.

I bought Fallout 3 and Just Cause 2 thinking they'd be awesome since they're huge sandbox games. I played both of them for about 20 hours combined before getting bored and trading them in, despite how fun Just Cause 2 could be.

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I recently bought a pink gameboy micro and put 7 hours into sims 2 which came with it.

I bought The Sims 3 for the 3DS a couple of months back. I was sober as well.

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I've played all of them except SMG2, but Sunshine is by far my favourite 3D Mario game.

I hate Ico. Everything about it. It only looks ok and the whole game is like the shit parts of Resi 4 where Ashley follows you, except you only have a fucking stick to defend yourself.

I have played every Zelda game aside from the CDi ones and Four Swords Adventures. I've completed a lot of them, with OOT and Link's Awakening being amongst some of my favourite games ever. I even finished both Oracle games and saw the proper ending. But try as I might, I can't get into LttP. I must've bought 10 copies of it to try it and I've never got past the first trip to the dark world.

I love the previous 3, but i thought GTAIV was a vapid, empty mess with no charm. Just a string of shit cutscenes wishing they were a movie strung together by the worst missions from the previous games repeated endlessly.

I can't stand ANY Metroidvania type games. I've owned Symphony of the Night twice and Super Metroid 5 times trying to love them, but I just can't bear trekking through the same places again and again. I forced myself to play HOURS of Super Metroid. I don't like the Metroid Prime games either.

Try as I might to get into them, I've never finished an Advance Wars game since the first. I've put time into all of them, but the later levels just feel like a massively convoluted puzzle with only one solution which you have to find by endless trial and error. I finished the first but hated the last bit, even though I utterly love the first half of all of them.

On a related note, I think the Fire Emblem series is far better than the Advance Wars series.

Ah yes, a few above have reminded me. Every time a new Elder Scrolls game comes out, I give it a go, and end up putting it away for the same reason - I dislike the combat. Skyrim was the first one I managed to resist. I'm aware there's a lot to like about them, but I can't get over it.

I challenged myself to play Skyrim without any combat skills (you're limited to the Thieves Guild and can't really do the later quests which involve going into dungeons). If you like Thief of stealth games I'd genuinely recommend it.

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The first time I ever played Manic Miner was about an hour ago, after downloading it off the Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 points. The title screen is amazing. I died seven times before I'd even managed the first screen. I can't believe there's probably people here who beat the entire game as a six year old.

Also the music is fucking infuriating. And fuck eugene also.

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Xenoblade Chronicles is the best JRPG ever made. Closely followed by Skies of Arcadia and Persona 3. FFVII wouldn't make my top ten (Although I don't hate it, I just don't think its worthy of all the praise it gets).

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- I've started Grim Fandango about five times over the last ten years and never got beyond the Petrified Forest in Year 1. But I still intend to finish it one day!

- I've started Deus Ex about five times over the last ten years and only once got far enough to acquire the Dragon's Tooth Sword. But I still intend to finish it one day!

- I bought Bangai-O on the Dreamcast and then traded it in the next day after only an hour or so of play. It's the only game I've ever traded in without giving it a proper chance!

- I've never played a Metroid game.

- I like the Mega Drive Zelda clone The Story of Thor much more than A Link to the Past.

- I find the Halo 3 Battle Rifle and the Halo Reach DMR more fun to fire than the Halo 1 pistol.

- My experience of the Final Fantasy series is limited to the first hour of FFVII.

- In general I have very little interest in handheld or mobile gaming. The only handheld console I've ever bought is a Game Boy Advance (the original one, with the eye-strainingly dark screen). There are a couple of DS games I'd like to play, but not enough to justify buying one.

I think REZ is utter shit.

I've tried so many times to like it, I really have. But... *deep breath* the graphics are a not-as-quaint spectrum wannabe mess, the shooting system is horribly cumbersome and t's really hard to tell when you've been hit or taken damage. Worst of all is the whole rhythm music thing - you're supposed to shoot the baddies in time to the music? And if you do you get more music or more layers to the music? How am I supposed to shoot them in time to the music when I'm just selecting a locking on missile device? A mess of a game.

Naturally, I'm aware I'm very much in the minority on this opinion. :D

No, you don't have to shoot in time to the music in Rez. Some of its fans might say "it adds to the immersion if you get into the zone of shooting on the beat" (see Sack Man 64's post), but it doesn't have any tangible in-game benefits like higher scores or making attacks do more damage. Releasing shots on the beat only became beneficial in Child of Eden.

Here's a recent Edge article where someone from Harmonix and the creator of Audiosurf criticise Rez for not featuring enough direct music interaction:


Yeah, another one in the anti-rez camp. [...] Not a patch on Lylat Wars.

Conversely, I didn't like Lylat Wars much because I first played it after I'd played Rez!

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I hate all Bioware games. Over rated, bloated, dull.

Skyrim is possibly my biggest ever gaming disappointment

I never bought Animal Crossing on the Wii

I hate Super Metroid (I love every Metroid game made since)

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Another one in the "Resi 4 is bore" camp. I mean, I guess it's OK if you like generic third person shooters, but I can't understand why some claim it a "masterpiece". True Resi died with that game.

I find the sight and prospect of Mario and all his games utterly unappealing in nearly every way.

I've never played any games online aside from about 3 matches of KOF12. It wasn't just SNK's supposedly awful netcode that put me off. Generally speaking, I found it a bit like one of those you'd think would be awesome as a kid, but then when actually have it's like "oh. It's a bit boring really". Multiplayer is just no fun without the living room "pass me the pad you prick" banter.

The only PC game I ever bought was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. My PC couldn't run the game though, and I was gutted. I have never bought a PC game since.

I once got in real fist fight over a game of 2 player Tekken 5. I had a cocky friend who thought he was amazing at the game, so I discovered the ultra cheap continuous punch move with that boxer guy and beat him. He didn't want to pass on the pad and asked for a rematch, I feared that I would not repeat my success and refused, words were then exchanged and the situation just escalated. Ironically the one who came out the worst was the PS2, which got broke. You don't get this with online!

On the third of every month I log into twitter and make sure I send a tweet with the #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag. I genuinely think it's in the best interest for all gamers-whether they like Shenmue or not- to participate in this campaign.

I think all sports games are complete wastes of time. If you want to play sport, go and actually play it for real! I would apply the same the same logic to fighting games, but they're so unrealistic. I do, however, apply similar logic to "mastering" those fighting games that are super hard to play, you might as well go and learn a real martial art with all that dedication!

On that note, I recently posted in the VF FS thread about something related to gameplay. I had no idea what I was talking about, I was just repeating the same thing a friend had told me. I often do the same thing when people are talking about football or cars.

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I don't have any desire to play Mario or Zelda games since the N64 versions even though I enjoy reading about them

I feel dirty buying second hand games since they always have odd stains on manuals and I hate scratched discs

I buy japanese 2d fighting games with the premise of learning the deep play styles but have not played any fighter at any length of time since the orginal street figher 2

I don't get Jrpgs and feel like something is lost in translation

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