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Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2022


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Tour de France race director Christian Prudhomme tests positive for Covid-19







Although no riders tested positive, four teams now risk being excluded from the Tour, under the “two strikes and you’re out” protocol if they have another positive test within seven days, after backroom staff from Ineos Grenadiers, Mitchelton-Scott, Cofidis and AG2R tested positive.


It all feels a bit weird to me, the cycling podcast has 'diaries' from cyclists and loads of them are asking for the crowds (esp on climbs) to wear masks and keep distant... I know how well that will work.

I guess it all feels a bit pointlessly risky...

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Wiggo is a cock. I volunteered at a track event a few years back.  He was an arrogant twat expecting doors to be held open, not even making eye contact let alone saying Thankyou.  Huge contrast to EVERY SINGLE OTHER RIDER EVER.  The Austrian and Dutch teams in particular were fab, and the British ladies were so sweet. 

Wiggo. No.

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GCN/Eurosport are now using Wiggins for the main commentary rather than his stupid interventions.. He is a fucking idiot and I wish he would just fuck off from everything, forever.


I am also becoming a little irritated by the regular commentator who over-pronounces everything. For example, Bahrain is not 'bar-rain', it is B-a-ha-a-rain'', Andorra is 'Ando-rrrrr-a'.  


Queen stage today though with two big, big HC climbs. 

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1 hour ago, Graham S said:

Really enjoyed the Tour this year, it’s been a highlight of lockdown, nearest thing to a foreign holiday. And I’ve mostly forgotten about those poor, poor donkeys but I do have the Snoop Dogg Just Eat song on repeat in my brain.

Totally agree it has been a really good tour.

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The Tour has been really good, I always love the quality of coverage and the babbling commentators on Eurosport talking about lunch and recipes - its just a nice comforting background wallpaper to have on for a few weeks and is as much a travelog, I even got my other half who has no interest in cycling enjoying bits of it as its so beautifully shot.


French TV do such a great job making it all look fantastic.


Think its also been a reminder of normality as unlike other sports there is still some spectators and other than masks at the finish it feels more normal than football in an empty ground.

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It's been a great tour that's seen competition across all the Jerseys, which is nice to see. Having said that beyond Bernal going pop in a big way it's hardly a surprising top 10, and the likely winner was the overwhelming favourite.


What has been amazing has been the youth of so many of the stage winners, just such an amazing crop of riders coming through.


Tomorrow is going to be interesting as well as there is a little race within a race going on. Carpaz is 2 points clear of Pogacar and 7 points clear of Roglic in the race for the Polka Dot jersey, with a max 10 points up for grabs at the top of La Planche Des Belles Filles. The important thing is though that in an ITT the points are given out based on the time the rider takes to get from the designated start of the climb to the top, as opposed to the person who is fastest to that point on the course (i.e. the person who is first overall in this TT). That means that while you might imagine Roglic having a good chance of winning the stage and therefore taking 10 points and Carapaz being nowhere, the reality is that Carapaz can take the initial 30km relatively easily (he has to still be inside the time limit), essentially as a warmup and then he just has to put everything on the line for the 5.6km of the climb.

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9 hours ago, Graham S said:

Really enjoyed this extract from Millar’s book about racing in Paris. In my mind’s eye I’m there. 


That’s a great read.


I’ve got a real soft spot for David Millar. I don’t enjoy watching cycling as much  if he’s not commenting. Similarly I think Gary Imlach is an absolutely brilliant anchor, he’s genuinely funny and dry with it. 

I’m going to really miss watching the ITV highlights every night. 

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