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Football Thread 2012/13


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So with the start of this campaign and the conclusion to the last one (on top of him having already been dropped by his club before his injury), it might be time for Rooney to consider quitting international football.

At 26 years of age? Really? If he gave up as easily as that then he probably wouldnt have even made it into his school team, let alone Manchester United & England.

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So if it's not me criticising Rooney, his awful form for England, that he is unfit and doesn't seem to care anymore it's taken as a valid talking point? ;)

I agree mind. As I said previously. His injury is a blessing in disguise. It allows someone like Cleverly to play. He's far more important to our future than a guy who's more interested in his hair than his team mates.

If in doubt put in Cleverly or Wellbeck ahead of Rooney (depending on set up).

I just worry Roy doesn't have the balls to do that, after what happened at the Euros.

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The England band have adopted the Seven Nation Army tune....

yeah, they've been droning it out for a while, endlessly repeating the first bar. the England band should be forced to eat their own instruments.

there's some crap being talked about Rooney in here. we beat the mighty Moldova so now we don't need him? bollocks. he's a frustratingly inconsistent player, for sure, and his dips in form have unfortunately coincided with major tournaments too often, but he's still a top player. he put in several good performances in the Euro qualifiers, but people tend to only remember the bad ones. he's like the Kevin Pietersen of football - a lot of people want to hate him, and jump on anything crap he does as some kind of sign of a bigger picture of crapness, while dismissing anything amazing he does, because he should do that all the time, as he's the world-class Wayne Rooney. it's a self- defeating argument when you strip it right down. he's a victim of his own early promise, as that raised expectations that he was going to be the new Pele or something.

he's a better, more versatile player than Welbeck or Defoe, although they are both useful in certain situations. Defoe in particular is a very good specialist - he has an ability to score goals, particularly against really bad teams. the fact that he scores these goals by eschewing any attempts at team play means that he can't really be our main striker. he's the most selfish player i've ever seen. effective though. certainly a useful man to have in the squad.

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http://www.fcbusines...ancial controls

Looks like the Premier League might be about to introduce their own FFP regulations.

Obviously Man City and Chelsea make sense, bit surprised to see Everton in there. Fulham are (or were) basically a mini-Chelsea so I guess that makes sense too.

Possibly so Man City and other teams can buy their players at extortionate prices? Depends who at the clubs is making that decision I suppose.

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What sanctions would there be, anyway? With UEFA it's obvious what the ultimate punishment is; getting barred from European competition. While I'd agree wage inflation needs tackling, the same principles don't really translate. If points were deducted, titles and relegations could be decided off the football pitch, which would be absurd. Financial sanctions would also be missing the point, as the big spenders would just be able to absorb them. Transfer bans maybe? If a team consistently outspends what they are making, ban them from spending any more.

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If points were deducted, titles and relegations could be decided off the football pitch, which would be absurd.

The other side of that argument is if there is no meaningful sanction for the club, then titles and relegations could be decided by teams breaking the rules of the competition rather than sporting fair play.

Which would be just as absurd.

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True. That's a less open subversion of the spirit of competition though, and one that's been allowed to carry on for quite some time without the Premier League doing anything. I really can't imagine three years down the line, Chelsea being denied the title because Abramovic bought the squad for them, or Aston Villa going down because Lerner was subsidising their operating costs.

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Takes the previous 3 years into account though.

Yeah, but they're allowed to have x loss in the last three years while the rules are introduced, so presumably Zenit and Chelsea and PSG and whoever else are still gaming it. If they're allowed to lose £50m a year for the last three years and they were doing okay, why not spend £150m this year?

S'all bollocks, really.

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Shit just got real:


The UEFA Club Financial Control Body's (CFCB) investigatory chamber, chaired by former Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene, has today announced that 23 clubs involved in 2012/13 UEFA club competitions have seen the payment of their prize money temporarily withheld pending further investigation.

As part of the first measure of the financial fair play requirements included in the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations 2012, the clubs participating in 2012/13 UEFA club competitions had to provide information regarding the status of any overdue payables as at 30 June 2012. Following its last meeting in August 2012, the CFCB investigatory chamber has identified that important overdue payables towards other clubs, and/or towards employees or social/tax authorities existed in 23 cases.

These cases involve the following 23 clubs:

FK Borac Banja Luka (BIH)

FK Sarajevo (BIH)

FK Željezničar (BIH)


HNK Hajduk Split (CRO)

NK Osijek (CRO)

Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)

Málaga CF (ESP)

Maccabi Netanya FC (ISR)

FK Shkendija 79 (MKD)

Floriana FC (MLT)

FK Budućnost Podgorica (MNE)

FK Rudar Pjevlja (MNE)

Ruch Chorzów (POL)

Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)

FC Dinamo Bucureşti (ROU)

FC Rapid Bucureşti (ROU)

FC Vaslui (ROU)

FC Rubin Kazan (RUS)

FK Partizan (SRB)

FK Vojvodina (SRB)

Eskişehirspor (TUR)

Fenerbahçe SK (TUR)

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