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Xbox One Console Thread

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Me too!

Still no Gears codes though.

Yeah I'm still waiting for them. Total clusterfuck that has been especially when R6/JC3 and fallout managed so quick.

I shall repost this again ;) they are releasing batches of codes on set days - 15th was last issue and 22nd is next


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You can run Kodi through plex which is now free on Xbox (not tried myself read it yesterday will look for link)

You can alternatively plug an Amazon firestick into the hdmi-in port.

Any joy with that link, Yoshi?
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If it's still going (and you like me) I would be very grateful to take it off you

Coolies. PM me your address and I'll get it posted out

Me! Although probably too late... Very kind offer though, I must say.

Poor Jon. I'll keep you in mind for one of the download codes if you want
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Couldn't believe how pathetic the Xbox handled Live being down for pretty much 2 nights in a row for me. I wasn't even trying to play a game was the most frustrating thing.

First night the service issue said something about purchase and content usage being effected.

All I was trying to do was watch a bluray and the thing kept closing the app with error code 0x87de0017. Went into offline mode and was all sorted. Never really had issues like this before with live so thought nothing of it

Second night was planning to watch American Sniper on Now TV this time the service issues was Live core services and social and gaming. (What this has to do with using Now TV i will never know.)

Youtube worked fine so there was an internet connection, I could view my friends list and see people playing Destiny and yet I couldnt even use Now TV error code 0x87de0017 again. Had to use the PS4.

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Pathetic? How would you suggest they manage DDoS attacks Barry? What is the answer?

Yes it is entirelty pathetic that I couldn't use Now TV, nor bluray player because Live was having issues.

The console just closed the application while other applications continued to function like Youtube.

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But why should we have to go offline to use apps that aren't using the internet 99% of the time? Shouldn't their default behaviour be to stay offline anyway? If Live was down, I'd still expect to be able to watch a blu ray or the tv without having to shift into a specific offline mode.

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