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Xbox One Console Thread


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On 2017-6-12 at 11:30, Revival said:

Seagate are busy again...




via Windows Central:


 I bought one of those on Amazon for a bargain price a few weeks ago, except it was the black model. Explains why it was so cheap if they had a new one coming 

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Sorry if this is a daft question, but I've not had Gold since the 360 days so I'm not sure how it works. I'm after FH3 and the season pass for PC, will buying a month's subscription let me get at that deal? I assume anything lower than that would be classed as a trial and not eligible?

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Coming to PC and Xbox consoles later this year. Avatars 2.0


- Made in Unity

- Gender Neutral clothes

- Mobility options like Wheelchairs / Motorbikes etc

- Biological changes - Pregnancy / Piercing / Bionics

- Colour wheel editing

- Massive range of wearable accessories









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I can't think how they'd be woven in to this new interface. Oh well.


1 vs 100 was brilliant, I can't believe they canned that. It was like QuizUp, except my whole family sat around the screen screaming the answer at me as I selected the wrong one. 

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On 13/06/2017 at 16:10, Cosmic_Guru said:

This weeks Deals with Gold - FH3, F5 & 6, XCom 2, NBA 2017 etc




I still reckon there is something to come from the BC team this week.




I haven't turned the Xbone on in a while and have really fallen out of love with racing games - Forza 5 for under £4 is too good a deal to miss tho, SOLD :hmm:

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8 minutes ago, Karzee said:

I detested them when they came out, cutesy horrible things. It smacked too much of "We'll copy Nintendo's Wii avatar thingies". 

But they had a point on the Wii, they actually represented you in games. I suppose if they open up an API to allow you to be your avatar in COD WW2, that might be amusing.

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No no, I was cool with them on the Wii, they were better placed on that console. 


It was just that after a hard day killing and maiming on my XBox I go turn turn the system off and my detestable cute avatar would wave goodbye at me. Fuck. Off.

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5 minutes ago, Karzee said:

The lack of options for designing an accurate avatar of myself made it impossible to capture anything remotely 'suave, sophisticated, and debonair'.


It was fucking crap


Thank god Nintendo nailed your likeness with the Mii huh?





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