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Xbox One Console Thread


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Welp, looks like PS4 is going to be my Christmas present to myself even though it means I can't use my proper gamertag because it was already taken when I bought a PS3 (possibly by me when I bought a PSP and forgot about it).

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Well, positives.

Box looks ok, if huge.

Controller looks ok.

15 first party games (although not for launch)

The rest will be them digging themselves out of a massive hole at E3. But the conference was worse than even I feared.

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My expectations weren't that high, but that was woeful.

I actually like the console and a lot of the bonus media capabilities, but that's all they should be: bonuses. The way they're showing them off as major feature makes me think they've lost the plot completely.

Still, I think the console itself appears to be decent, so if they actually get some proper games on it at some point then it might not turn out too badly in the end.

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