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Grim Dawn - OUT NOW on Steam - the best ARPG since Diablo 2

Mr. Gerbik

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15 hours ago, spork said:

I tried the controller at the beginning but none of the buttons seemed to let me talk to the first npc so I went back to mouse and keyboard. :lol:


The joypad support was added late in the dev cycle I think. You need to mess around to configure it. I think clicking in the right stick switches joypad/cursor mode. I doubt pad control here will ever be as slick as D3 on PlayStation. So if joypad is your thing I'd play that.


Some shit from the forums:

Yes it can be slightly confusing.

You may have noticed when you move your character around with the controller that the skill bar changes to a different look.

Lets call this controller mode.

1) Your cursor will have disappeared. To make it reappear while in controller mode click down your right analog stick.

2) Now move the cursor down to your skill bar (with the right analog stick).

3) Press the right trigger on one of the skill bar boxes to bring up the skill list (once you've set your bindings similar to Rhis' picture).

4) Press right trigger again on your selected skill.

5) Rinse and repeat to add more.

Tip: Don't waste controller mode slots on passive toggles, such as Mogdrogen's Pact. Move your mouse to revert back to kbm mode and add it to that skill bar. Save your controller functions for active skills instead.

Other functions worth mentioning:
I described above how to bring up the cursor while in controller mode by clicking down the right analog stick. This is a separate mode of its own actually and you have some different controller capabilities while in this mode. I'll call it cursor mode. This not the same as kbm mode, btw.

Here is what is available in cursor mode.

Left trigger acts basically as a left mouse click and right trigger acts as a right-click. Note: You can pick up items while in this mode. There is a similar pickup function for controller mode as seen in Rhis' bindings picture. That function is not quite as fine-tuned as when you are in cursor mode and is rather limited, tho handy for quickly grabbing things. If you want to see the item tooltips and comparisons before picking them up you will need to do this in cursor mode.

Pressing X will open the Skills window to your 1st selected mastery. Press again will cycle to the next. Press 1 more time to enter the Devotion tab. While in the Devotion tab press left trigger to select nodes. Press (and hold) left trigger on empty space and pull your right analog to move the Devotion background around (This also works on the Map). Press X again to exit the window.

Pressing Y opens the Quest log window. Repeated presses cycles thru each of the available tabs, eventually closing the window.

Pressing A opens the Local Map. Press again for the World map and one more time to close.

Pressing B opens the Factions window. Press again to open the Achievements window. It will continuously toggle them back and forth. To exit this just nudge your left analog (this works for other windows as well).

Simply moving your character with the left analog stick at anytime while in cursor mode will bring you back to controller mode.

Functions that work for both controller and cursor modes:

Pressing Start pauses the game and opens the Options Menu.

Pressing Select opens the Character window / Inventory. Remember, left and right triggers are left and right mouse clicks. It works the same in your inventory and you can perform all the usual functions of dragging and dropping items, right-clicking to sell, to equip, etc.

Controller mode functions:

To do certain things in this mode you will need to have set some of your Keybindings per Rhis' recommended settings in his post above mine. You can of course set these how you like.

Move your left analog stick to move. Any selectable objects or enemies will automatically highlight. While highlighted you can press the default attack button once and your character will move of its own volition and interact with that object without further intervention. If many enemies are around it should automatically highlight new ones as they die. If not simply aim toward the one you want.

Talking to NPC's: Bring up the cursor and move it to whatever conversation choice you want. Press left trigger.

That's the basics. Seems like a lot to take in at first but once you got the gist of it its all pretty seamless and works very smooth. Hope that helps anyone having issues.


Well the mappings in the official GD Steam Controller config screen applies to your non-Steam controllers, just minus the grip buttons, so the layout display is there... just not "in-game" and doesn't look like a 360 controller. But I do agree they should have it in-game for easier reference.


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Thanks for posting that @yashiro! Very useful for anyone reading this thread and wanting know what to expect of the joypad support.


Anyway, I have to get up in about 5 hours but the important thing is that I finished Act 1! The game is becoming ever more chaotic and fun - right now I'm dual-wielding pistols that fire explosive shots and (every four or five shots) also a trio of mystical eagles that fly straight through all enemies in their path, for hell of damage. All this while my mortar is raining down fiery death, my hellhound is tearing shit up and my black raven is healing me - 10/10 :wub:

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Got up a bit earlier to play the start of the second act for a bit. Seems a bit brighter and sunnier, made me remember Titan Quest. Grim Dawn plays a lot better though - and those dual pistols are awesome :D What a game, what a game. Only problem is that I'm dead tired now.. and I have a full day of various real life / family obligations ahead of me. Can't wait to get back to the game!

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playing through, and having played through last month, it seems , there are some actual slight map differences!? this was a bit confusing when i didnt know where i was lol. on the plus side, extra stuffs! So, if you played through the "content complete" dive in again, there's some slight differences!

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I'm up for Titan Tuesday! Or rather, Grim erm.. Gruesday?? I don't how late I'll be able to join though, but 8 is usually more feasible for me than 7. Anybody else? It's up to four players and you can create a separate co-op character!

6 hours ago, sdmilne said:

How do you unlock the next set of abilities on your skill tree?  I clicked on one of them and it said "Requires 4 more points in Nightblade".  I leveled up, and added 3 more points into Nightblade and it still says the same.

Well, you kind of answered your own question there because 3 is less than 4 ;) But check the below picture:




The bar next to the '+' is your Mastery and it goes all the way to the right up till 50. Each point gives stat bonuses and you can see how many by hovering over the '+' instead of clicking it. The icons above the Mastery bar are various skills that you can also put points into. Each skill needs a certain level of Mastery before you can put points into them, represented by their position on the Mastery bar. For example, at Mastery level 1 you can see three icons above the '1' - that means that those three skills can be unlocked and levelled up once you're at least at level 1 on the Mastery bar.


Note that reaching level 1 on the Mastery bar doesn't automatically unlock those level 1 skills. You need to actually put points into them first. Each time you level up you get three Mastery points and it's up to you how to invest them. Either level up the Mastery bar to improve your stats and aim for more advanced skills, or put those points into the skills you can already unlock. Since you have two Masteries available to you after reaching level 10, it's pretty much impossible to unlock and level up all the skills in both skill trees. The trick is to choose skills from either Mastery and thus build/customise your own character and playstyle.

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7 hours ago, sdmilne said:


Would have been great if the game had bothered to explain that.  Assuming I didn't stupidly miss it!!

Well, you apparently missed my post at least :(


Anyway, just a friendly reminder that we're diving headfirst into Grim Dawn co-op this evening! There's room for two more and I recommend making a new character for co-op purposes, it's a fun way to experiment with a completely different build than your main :) Who wants in?

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13 hours ago, sdmilne said:


Would have been great if the game had bothered to explain that.  Assuming I didn't stupidly miss it!!


I think it might be mentioned on one of the little tutorial pop ups or the loading tips or somewhere, but it's definitely not pointed out very well (aside from in Gerbik's excellent summary ;) ).


I only realised it worked like it does because it's the same system as from Titan Quest.

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wild guess that hardcore and non-hardcore can't group with each other?


Impressions when I actually get anywhere. My first character, Mage/Rouge, didn't turn out too well and died in the lab. Great fun till then but it's fairly evident you can screw yourself over with the skills if not too careful, regardless of being able to respec.

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I think the main thing is to not put too many points into the Mastery trunk initially, one of my early builds was a Witchblade that tried to use 1-point Cadence with a pistol and 1-point Solael's Witchfire as a buff (putting a lot of points into the Masteries instead) and it was just ridiculously hard going even in the first act. Attributes were an even split of Cunning and Spirit to see how far that could get me, but I don't think the very minor damage increases they give is worth it next to the HP gains from Physique early on. Cadence as it is currently doesn't seem great as a ranged skill anyway (you don't get the AoE) and I think pistols might be very inferior to rifles until you can dual-wield them (which requires either a level 25 crafted Relic or certain Epic items). That character eventually died to a rock-throwing golem near the start of Act 2, which was kind of a relief.


There's a manual of sorts on their website, it should explain all the basics. They changed the in-game tutorial system in one of the recent builds, the old system pretty much explained everything as you happened upon it, but I'm not sure how the new one works.

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Shit shit shit - todayof all days the missus had to unexpectedly work late. Which means that I won't be back from giving her a lift, cooking and eating before 8. I'mhoping that I can comeonline at 8:30 or so. 


In the meantime, everybody who plays Grim Dawn can add me through the Rllmuk steam group. My current screen name is Gerbik iirc, and I'm one of the admins so I'm easy to spot near the top of the members list. :)

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Yeah that was frustrating, Mentazm having crshes when opening inventory, loot drops seeming to go awry and it seems my shaman main skill savagery has a bug where it doesn't kill mobs. Hopefully a patch or 2 to sort this out and it'll be good - certainly some of the bigger mobs when all 4 of us were in game were impressive.



 I'll not get too bent out of shape though - the team that made this is tiny, crowd funded and have done the impossible to get a follow up to one of my fave ARPG's and make it a cracking SP experience. I'll just plough on with that for now :)

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Yeah, despite the crashes and glitches, rolling around with four players smashing stuff up was a sight to behold. And those were just the puny starting skills! As you say, there's a cracking SP experience underneath so once we're a few patches further in Grim Dawn mulitplayer could easily be as good as in TQ.


Next time it'll also hopefully be a little less chaotic on my side, due to real life circumstances I had to afk for a bit two times.


Also a good point about the dev team, the core team is only a 10 persons strong! And like Dave said in the chat, with TQ they had a big publisher backing them. SP is already solid and I'm sure multiplayer will be fine too eventually. I say we definitely  try again once it's fixed up a bit!

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- Contrary to Steam forums I had zero issues installing this game.

- The 'screen freeze while game carries on' bug is, however, a real thing. Happened to me once in 11 hrs. Possibly caused by dicking with graphic settings but difficult to say.

- Game crashing while changing settings? Nope.

- Internet lobby works.

- I haven't tested it but the multi-player is ropey right now, unfortunately.

- The game doesn't seem to use more than a gig of ram.

- Performance is good until there's a lot going on. It's not graphic intensity related; seems more like shoddy coding.

- There's definite resource/threading issues as you get small glitches when the game is loading new sections.

- The mob density and variety is very low. Nothing like Diablo.

- It has an in game clock with the real time on it. :P


I'm not big on these type of games but it seems decent enough albeit lacking in polish and optimization.

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I tried to play some single player after the issues with MP last night and encountered three crashes. One same as the MP crashes, game freezes, won't let me alt tab to task manager, forcing a reboot. Another CTD where it let me file a crash report and lastly a BSOD where I finally gave up. I had no issues when I played at new year :(

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Second character, Battle Mage (Mage/Warr) worked much better yesterday, albeit he's also now dead. Actually felt good synergy with it as well.


Pondering going Normal rather then Veteran again at this point, but I'll give Vet another go. Feeling like Warlock/Druid today, the latter will be interesting to see done in a non-MMO enviornment.


Having multiple monitors, I absolutely love the fact the screen freezes when you click outside the screen. No disconnects to worry about, happy. :)


Loot itself hasn't felt varied but I haven't seen beyond level 22 yet to be fair. I do like the idea of gear being able to give you spells/abilities, although painful when the eventual upgrade drops that has no ability.


Veteran indeed does not feel lacking in enemy density/enemy types.

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