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Great Live Meet 2


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I can host 8 if you want. Who wants some team survival?









Need 2 more willing takers!

I'm confused now????

Is this for MGP on Sunday or RS3 on Thursday?

Elmo, can you retitle the thread so we know what's being planned please?

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Well, I was looking forward to it, until I tried to connect to the game (through invites and join) and all I got was:

'Server Full'.

I got that too :mellow:, although I did come on late (about 11pm) at which point I still wasn't sure if we were playing RS3 or MotoGP. All the effort of booting up RS3 for nothing.

So I sulked off and went back to GTA3

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Guest Penguin_Lad

I fell asleep good old me! Thus I wasn't even there to hog spaces.

Uxorious is a great host, but I've noticed that if other, non invited type people turn up and he knows them, he's loathe to boot them.

I say BOOT THEM MAN! It's not right organising something for others and then not allowing them to play.

Apart from that keep up the good work.

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Yeah, you're right.

Elmo was the gatecrasher. :lol:

Booo to Elmo, the slag - if he had stuck to his guns and played MotoGP, then I could have joined in.

As it was I was attempting to join "just in case" there was a slot. I tried sending you an invite just so you'd know I was there, in case there were any non-forumites that could have been kicked ;)

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sorry guys but hey it has happened to me before... many times before infact.

Myself and mecca will be on later tonight though for a late session as tomorrow is saturday ;)

As for the great live meet... this was not it. (it was a great gaming session) however the great live meet HAS to be 16 play.... so on sunday week i propose we do a moto GP session from 8 till late.


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