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Fantasy Premier League 2012/2013


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Rllmuk Fantasy Members

Commander Jameson - Jamesons Jewels

redbloodcel - BLoodstream FC

Smoothy - Cecil's Specials

djbhammer - djbhammer united

DeadRussian - DeadRussian

mop - Schrodinger's Team

toythatkills - team mAtt

BigShimmeryWall - AC Sigil

The Grand Pursuivant - Overpaid Idiots

Patronsaint - Maximale Erfrischung

Pochacco - Pochacco Town FC

GrumpyLittleBear - Genuine Fakes

Jolly - Hakuna JuanMata

marcus - Lemmiwinks United

GazEFC - Yes! Yes! Yes!

ukdazs - Ukdazs Utd

Wincho - Inter Yorm Issus

murray - Murray Park Rangers

Danster - The Pirates

arokib666 - mmmmmmmmmm

Don Wiskerando - Don Wiskerando

McMond - McMondays

Razzle - Parklife

Bushtopher - Bush FC

AlwaysBeClosing - The Phnom Pennies

? - Surreal Madrid

Suffocate Peon - aehii united

joeplus - Roma Roseball Club

DarthSquirrel - Hazard Pay

Mike - Mike FC

Gotters - Mulpeno FC

xtremeboat - DATS MA BOI

fatbob - The ChrisKey Players

lilman - FC Koochie

Pandy - FC ScuttlersReUnited

Arc'Tan'Gent - FC Copenbadly

(as of post #60)

Latest updates added. Who's Surreal Madrid?

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Have they changed how bonus points are awarded then? Was never really sure how it worked before to be honest!

They changed it last year. Previously they were awarded by someone who watched the game and picked the three best players. Now they're awarded by a computer based on who had the most shots or scored goals or something. So a player could totally run a game from midfield and wouldn't get shit, or a defender could have the game of their life but Torres would score the only goal in the 89th minute with his shin and get 3 bonus points for it.

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just added myself to this, always do it for the whole year at work so should last the course, coming off the back of 3 victorious years I had a mare last season and only averted a near bottom finish in the last few weeks - I basically cursed whoever I put in my team to such a degree I refused to pick arsenal players from xmas onwards.

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