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Where is our Olympic rllmuk masthead?


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It's obviously escaped the notice of the powers that be, but we, England, are about to host THE OLYMPIC GAMES!

Everyone everywhere is celebrating this wonderful event. Everyone everywhere it seems but rllmuk. It literally turns my stomach every time I log in here not to be greeted with some sort of Olympic ringed theme.

Anyway, if there's anything I'm known for here it's my lack of photoshopping etc ability, so I'm unable to do the job myself. but it would be wonderful if someone could do an Olympic rllmuk logo, and then get it added to the masthead. Then we could all bathe in a warm and sticky Olympic glow no matter what thread we read.

What say you, mates?

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As we are not official sponsors of the games we will not be able to use their logo, and indeed we shouldn't. Please lend your support to the official sponsors who have made these games possible for everyone. Without them we wouldn't have this great event.

Worldwide Olympic Partners

  • partner-cocacola.png
  • acer.jpg
  • atos.png
  • dow.gif
  • ge.png
  • mcdonalds.png
  • omega.png
  • partner-panasonic.png
  • pg-logo-home.gif
  • partner-samsung.png
  • partner-visa.png

London 2012 Olympic Partners

  • adidas.png
  • bmw.png
  • bp.png
  • partner-ba.jpg
  • bt.png
  • edf-energy.png
  • partner-lloydstsb.png

London 2012 Olympic Supporters

  • adecco.png
  • arcelormittal.png
  • cadbury.png
  • cisco.png
  • deloitte.png
  • thomas-cook.png
  • ups.png

London 2012 Olympic Providers and Suppliers

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I used to have to walk past the same McCann Worldgroup billboard every day, which was a perfect storm of shitty ad-speak. They replaced it with a Reservoir Dogs parody after three years.


What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?

Is it Keith Allen?

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Well, the election was a long time ago when WoS was far busier than now. In the meanwhile there have been some incidents, like Stu asking money for access to his forum and/or banning everybody or whatever so I guess that's why it isn't as lively as is it used to be. Maybe we should contact the jury for a re-assessment.

It's been 5 years now, I don't think any medals have been awarded in the meanwhile: http://ramraider.blogspot.nl/2007/12/rr-games-forum-full-o-cunts-2007-world.html

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My skills are more than a little rubbish, but in the spirit of the Olympics I have tried my best.

Also, in the spirit of Olympic togetherness I have added mine in there too :hug:


Quite beautiful. Having this atop each thread in rllmuk would not only cement our reputation as the most inclusive forum in the world, but also serve as an inspiration to a new generation of posters. Make it so, admins!

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