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Although, I like the sound of this:

Back-out Penalty:

Over the years we have read posts about teams cherry picking their opponents, and ducking teams when they are not the home team. Users have mentioned that nothing is more frustrating than winning an Elite Championship the month before and having half the teams quit out on you once they realize this in game.

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Game arrived! So I did my usual of going straight online to see how it feels against human opposition.


Detroit vs Toronto,

I score early after putting on a strong forecheck, Bertuzzi gets the puck near the net and his defence all move to block him, leaving Franzen to slot home after knocking it off an angle on the backboards.

He then uses traffic in front of Howard to score a wrister from a high percentage position.

Then on the PP a battle by the net sees Zetterberg emerge with the puck and scores while stumbling.

He then hits straight back with a slapshot from the slot, Smith tries to block but only manages to unsight Howard who reacts late.

The game looks to be heading to OT, when Filppula gets in the way of a cross zone pass, across Toronto's own blue line. He then chases the puck and dekes it past the Toronoto netminder to win the game with 1.8 seconds left!!!!!


The best thing, was that it felt like a hockey match. The guy I played did try some of the dancing on ice stuff, but I was able to just contain him and knock the puck away. Yet he still got through now and again, but I didn't feel cheated.

There was also a LOT of scraps and battles near the boards as it was very difficult to get clean passes away in crowded areas.

It feels like a whole new game online

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OK, had a quick go on this.

Last game I played was NHL 11, so this feels a bit weird compared - especially as I'm forcing myself to use the proper controls rather than the classic, so I haven't got very far with bodychecking and so on.

Play feels very broken up and scrappy - which I love. I haven't got the hang of passing properly yet, so it is great not to have stick to stick passing from the outset. Love how passes deflected by defenders. The skating system has changed as well to be less pinpoint and stop on a dime. Have to second the thought that it feels much better and "real". Had a bad bounce off the boards in my favour as well.

(Can see this being tuned out of the game when too many people cry about it, though. Didn't that happened in NHL 11?)

Scoring seems a bit easier - I actually scored in the shootout for once.

All in all, NHL. You never leave. (Until tomorrow, when the new roster update locks out all the players.)

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Dear fucking Christ! There are some mentals over on the EA Sports NHL Facebook page.

Went over there to ask about the possibility of adding in an online matchmaking system like they have in FIFA. Where I can select a 'hardcore' from the settings and play other likeminded players, who also want to use this control method online (benefits of less magnetic pucks and less constantly accurate passes). The community guys over there responded quickly and pleasantly. All good!

Then I read through other people's comments and they are just ranging from the odd whine, to those who have seemingly had their lives (and obviously educations) ruined. One of my favourites was some woman bitching because she can't easily score 2-3 goals a game in BAP, others condemning EA Canada for all the changes.

Others I love...

Illiterate knobhead - "NHL 13 is terrble, ea hav ruin game 4 evry1"

EA Community Guy - "Hi, can you give us some examples of what you are finding wrong with the game, so we can feed it back to the developers?"

IK - "jus evrytng, u suk at games"


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Oh my! This is good.

Only managed 1 game last night, so did the Winter Classic. Was 1-0 up as the Rangers but conceded a goal in the last minute, forcing the game in to OT, before I scored the winner on a breakaway.

Just had a couple more fantastic games in Be A Pro mode, starting out in the QMJHL. My first game I was +3 early on as we took a 3-0 lead before being pegged back and eventually losing 4-3.

The 2nd game we were 3-0 down going into the final period, but managed to pull it back and win in the shoot out.

This is great stuff.

Not sure whether to play HUT mode or to just stick with BaP.

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Is that league still going from last year Sinky? Did it ever get better and less childish?

Think it was still going although site changed name. Shame as for a few seasons was a fun league to be in but as you said, bit childish last year which put me off unfortunately

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Last year it was other user teams but controlled by the AI. So probably the same this year.

In other news. Cracking night of EASHL, bar one game where the matchmaking failed us somewhat against a team that had levelled up way beyond out players attributes could handle.

The last game was amazing though, winning 2-1 in double OT! We probably had the best goaltender we have ever had in the 3+ years of playing this mode.

Shame we lost Mick, was it connection issues matey?

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