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Plants vs. Zombies the, erm, FPS


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Need for Speed: The Run studio EA Black Box is developing a multiplayer console shooter starring PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies cast.

That's according to a new report by Superannuation (via Kotaku), with graverobbed details of the undead project.

Indeed, the game may yet never see the light of day - while Black Box is beavering away on the concept, PopCap is still to give their final approval.

Even so, recent job listings give an idea of what to expect. One job posting for a multiplayer designer asks for someone capable of creating "extremely fun and polished multiplayer maps".

Job candidates apparently need experience "designing levels where the player has a lot of freedom to manipulate the game space (destruction, construction, modification)", suggesting sandbox-style elements will be included.

The project is also hiring world modelers with knowledge of "working with a cartoon style and tone".

EA unveiled a new Plants vs Zombies app last week at the company's summer showcase. Our first look at PvZ Presents Talking Zombatar revealed a disappointing-looking virtual pet thing with micro-transactions for buying clothing.

On the face of it, while a bizarre idea, it could be interesting. Lord knows any FPS which isn't a foul mouther US marine shooting ethnics in generic Middle Eastern setting #987682535 is a breath of fresh air.

On the other hand it's being made by Black Box who are the drizzling shits. It's also EA starting the process of rinsing one of their expensive ($1.3 billion!) acquisitions and we all know how that usually goes.

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I've been thinking about this more and it's really like EA has completely missed how Popcap was so successful. I can see someone from marketing thinking "the fps market is huge, the casual market is huge, combine both and BAMMMM!!!!! Massive sales!" I think they might find the opposite.

There was a presentation Popcap did a couple of years ago about the difference between the hardcore and casual markets. They did a mock up of Pegle Hardcore showing all the wrong things to do to get a casual player to play again. (From memory it was a bloody skull filling the screen screaming GAME OVER BITCH! with heavy metal music playing.)

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