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Person of Interest


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Can't find a dedicated thread for this - apologies if I've missed one - it first aired in the US last year, so I'm suprised.

This starts tonight on Five. It's had very good reviews and ratings in the US and even prompted CBS to move CSI from the slot it's held for ten years to make way for it. It's been granted a second season already.

DRAMA: Person of Interest

On: Channel 5 (105)

Date: Tuesday 14th August 2012

Time: 22:00 to 23:00 (1 hour long)

Pilot. Series 1, episode 1.

Crime drama series from the man behind 'Lost', JJ Abrams. In this pilot episode, John Reese, an ex-CIA agent who dropped off the radar and is now presumed dead, is recruited by Harold Finch, a wealthy, computer genius who created a programme for the government that analyses all forms of electronic devices to predict future crimes. However the machine only provides a social security number leaving Reese to discover if that person is the villain or the victim and what crime is going to occur. This episode sees Reese given the social security number of Assistant District Attorney Diane Hanson who is working on a major murder/drugs case. He discovers that a group of corrupt cops are standing in the way of justice and he forcibly persuades one of them to provide some telling information.

(Editor's Choice, Subtitles, 2012, 4 Star)

Starring: James Caviezel, Michael Emerson


Marked By: 'Category: Drama' marker


Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from http://www.getdigigu....tv/?p=1&r=8627

Copyright © GipsyMedia Limited.

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Just started watching this, and I find it promising so far.

I'm not completely sold on this 'mystery machine' business yet, mostly because that bit sounds like it belongs in a comic style universe while the rest seems to aim for reality.

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Maybe I sould give it another go then. From where should I start watching? I've seen the first few eps but never got to the arc (or didn't notice it).

There are actually two arching stories going on, on top of the "one case each episode" stuff, but to be honest,if you've seen a few episodes and gave up, I think it's unlikely that'll you'll warm to it at all.

All in all, PoI ain't a very deep series, it's more like a well written 24, or something, high in action and a main hero that can't seem to do anything wrong (let alone die), but there are always these small twists and turns and red herrings that makes it worth watching over and over (for me, at least).

It'll never win awards for best drama or anything, but it has certainly had me at the edge of the seat for several episodes on end.

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Enjoying it as well. just started on Season 2 and am only a couple of episodes in. I was worried I might not like it as I find James Caviezel to be a bit wooden at times. But I think he suits the role, and of course Micheal Emmerson is fantastic to watch.

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Please tell me someone else here has watched the Trilogy of episodes ending this week?

It was brilliant :D

I didn't know they were doing this :o

What started out as a pretty silly show has now seemingly decided there is no shark as they'd already jumped it and turned into an absolute hoot - I love it.

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