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  • 2 weeks later...

How does this keep getting better and better?


John was unusually ineffectual in the lobby of Elias's building.

"I'm using the building's WiFi as a sort of passive radar system."

I think it should be "invictus maneo" not "victus maneo".

But whatever.

Anthony went out with a bang. :(

Dominic is a great secondary enemy.

Fusco: top brains!

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yeah, that annoyed me a bit because it seemed contrived. Maybe he was poorly.

Tense, though. Proper thriller.

And Elias is a great character, too. Funny to think back when we first meet him as a teacher and secretly planning his coup. I like these important characters who are only in a few episodes but you're made aware of their existence and threat and they get character development as well - one of many things POI does really well.

Oh, I forgot about the wobbly policeman with the hidden camera.

Wonder where BNS and Orbette are up to now.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I came into this thread by mistake, but I did see Lag wondering where I was up to.

I'm up to S01E17.

I'm really enjoying it. I just don't take it at all seriously. I mean, the deep intelligence, the analysis and correlations, the NSA has no doubt those or similar capabilities for ages. I mainly mean the 'John helped Carter in a massive shootout and then fucked off. Nobody asked questions about the two different weapons, when there was only one officer present' situations. Or the 'organised criminal with powerful connections, or a group of corrupt cops with equally powerful connections, yet it is beyond them to even track a cell phone' ones.

But yeah. It's great.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I started watching it on the 19th. I'm now on season 2, episode 19. That's just under 40 episodes in about a week, 17 of which were yesterday. Stick with it.

Oh wow when I write it down I seem pretty mental.

You've probably long watched them now, but season 2 episodes 21/22 (Zero Day/God Mode) is where the series really starts hitting the heights and then just keeps getting better and better.

Catching up with season 4, just finished episode eight, and it's amazingly shaping up to be better than season 3 !

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So good!

I suspect the search may go unresolved from this point..

The moment between Reese and Root at the end in the car got me..


But :o at Samaritan deciding it no longer needs to play nice..



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I don't think Season 5 has been confirmed yet ? It's possible they may end at season 4, would seem like a natural place to end it :-

Samaritan and the Machine get turned off, Harold and his girlfriend get back together, Root finds Shaw, Fiasco and Reece contiune in the Police Force ?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm guessing it's still got a further year to run..

Shaw won't be back just yet - the actress is having twins.. so it'll be this time next year at the earliest..

:blink: @ Samaritan essentially

playing The Sims/Sim City with that town..

Thinking the town used is a nod to the classic Twilight Zone Ep 'The Monsters are Due on Maple Street'

and :lol: @ Reese trying to remember how to smile..


Guest spoiler for next week...

Zoe is back!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm amazed this still doesn't get more love here. Loving season 4 as much as season 3 so far.

It's a very well constructed show, and you can tell a lot of though has been put into every aspect. I still love the mechanic for changing scenes for instance (wiping between different camera feeds from the machine).

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I must admit to loving this as well. I do think it started out quite flakey and was almost a bit too prescient in it's 'Prism' machine for when it came out but it really manages to stand up brilliantly as it goes along.

I'm not sure if they just started it off as a "minority report / enemy of the state the TV show" but once they had the courage (budget?) to actually give the show a storyline above episodic novelties as though it was CSI but with pre-cogs, it became a much, much better show.

Probably my favourite series since the Wire I'd say and waaaaaaay better than any standard cop show type format. But you do need to give it a while for it to get it's teeth into you.

I also don't think it helps if you were an avid Lost viewer due to the fact it's Michael Emerson saying 'John' a lot again in his deadpan voice but maybe that was just me...

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The plan always was for it to ultimately be a show about AI (there are interviews where the creators mention that they had to fight for that while the show was in development as some at the network just wanted a straight procedural and didn't think there was any need to explain where the numbers came from..)

But they'd always planned it as a grounded look at how AI could impact on the world (and as you've pointed out, turned out to be an extremely accurate prediction in certain ways..)

I enjoyed the first few eps for the action, Reese's cold badassery and his back and forth with Finch.. But the glimpses of the development of The Machine and Harold's past were intriguing and enough to keep me interested until the larger stories started to be drip fed.. Elias, HR, Fusco slowly redeeming himself etc..

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