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Sonic Heroes

eves pudding

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Well this review makes it sound like good wholesome Sonic fun


I'm still suspicious with it being programmed in the US though :huh:

Thought the demo that came with Mario Kart was pretty fun, certainly made me more interested in the game than I was before. I'll hold off until I see more reputable reviews, but this has the possibility of being a great Sonic game.

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Im not sure, I wasnt so keep in sonics jump to 3d in the first place. I think he should be left remembered in his 2d exploits, sega needs a new mascot.

Sadly true.

I recently re-played Sonic 1, 2 and 3 then Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and sweet buggering Jesus it's just not as good in 3D.

IMO Sonic needs to stay in 2D, it just doesn't work in 3D.

I don't want to be arsing around with a camera or finding myself suddenly stopping against a wall I should be running around with ease.

I want to jump on 2D crabs.

So there.

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I really enjoyed Sonic Adventure 2. But I guess I'm the only one. Anyway Capcom US made a good job of Maximo so I guess there is hope for US devcos outside sports sims or FPSes. I must admit, I haven't been massively impressed by the in game footage so far. I guess I might still eat my hat when I come to play it.


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2D Sonic > SA1 > SA2

SA2 is just SA1 without any decent levels and with the appalling shooty sections taking up more a whole third of the game.

I think you forgot the "IMO" bit again :huh:

The Chao stuff was much better in SA2 (IMO) than the first one but I appreciate that's not the main focus of the game.

The original MD Sonic is still good but I find the rest a little tedious these days.

Oh and Sonic Shuffle may be one of the worst games created by mankind.

... IMO :huh:

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I had a quick bash at the demo of this - and it was pretty good fun.

It has a fairly 2D style and linear feel to it - which is very good.

However, it's so close to being 2D in some ways that it just really makes you wish they had just been brave enough to risk losing mass market appeal and had done it in 2D.

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Sonic in 3D is awful, just play the dire Dreamcast Adventure games for proof.

But there recent 2D efforts on the GBA haven't set the world alight either. Sonic peaked in the mid-nineties and doesn't look like it will be returning to those heights anytime soon. Sonic Adventure on the DC was appalling.

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I just can't decide whether I like the look of this game or not. Some shots look a little dull and too SA-ish (a game I didn't get on with), and others make the game look like it's bringing back the old-skool mentality of the 2D Sonics in 3D, which I'm all for.

I suppose I should perhaps play the thing before making a decision. :huh:

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