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Toast of London "Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango"


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Anyone else see this last night?


Steven Toast is a successful actor. Now in his forties, Toast regularly appears in prestigious television dramas, and on the London stage.

However, he has made a recent career faux pas by electing to star in a new controversial west end stage play. The play is considered so outrageous, that Toast is frequently attacked by appalled members of the British public.

Recently divorced, Toast is staying with his friend Ed Howzer. Black and Ed's elderly mistress, the agoraphobic Goodhouse.

In the pilot episode Toast is asked to audition for the long running television series, Inspector Somerset. However, the producer has been recently imprisoned for racial chanting on the set of his own production, so Toast has to audition for the part of a gay corrupt detective during prisoner's visiting time.


It was much better than The Function Room from the previous night. It had a nice surreal edge and the lack off a laugh-track did it the world of good. I hope it gets picked up for a series.

It should be on 4OD, but I think it's repeated again at the weekend.

EDIT: looks like it's on Youtube



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That was my problem with it, it was too much Matt Berry. The ham actor has been overdone - see James Fleet in The Function Room from Subday night as an example - but it did have a few good moments (the never-ending meeting, the wardrobe, the flasher)

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It was alright in places. There's definitely potential there, but given the pedigree I was expecting some massive roflchops'. I just felt (like a lot of modern 'comedy' - listen to grandpa, here), it was trying to be a bit edgy and out there for the sake of it at times. It worked best for me when it did straight up gags.

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Matt Berry's Toast of London gets full series A full six-part run of the Channel 4 comedy pilot starring the IT Crowd actor is due later this year, RadioTimes.com can exclusively reveal
30032.jpg Written By Susanna Lazarus 10:00 AM, 10 May 2013

Cast your mind back to last August and you'll remember the hilarious pilot episode of Matt Berry's Toast of London following eccentric actor Steven Toast and his endless but howlingly funny humiliations at the hands of various casting directors and camera crews. Well, if that brief nugget of comedy holds a fond place in your memory, you'll be pleased to hear Channel 4 have commissioned a six-part series of the Funny Fortnight pilot to be broadcast later this year.

The new run will see IT Crowd star Berry return to his role as Toast – the once-successful actor with a chequered past who is often more preoccupied with dealing with his own issues off stage than furthering his career. Co-written by Berry and Father Ted co-creator Arthur Mathews, the pilot was met with positive reviews from critics and featured in Radio Times' Top 40 shows of 2012. It is the third Funny Fortnight pilot to win a full season following the decision last year to extend Bad Sugar (starring Olivia Colman, Sharon Horgan and Julia Davis) and I'm Spazticus.

Channel 4's comedy commissioning editor Rachel Springett said, "We are thrilled to be making a series of Toast of London with the exceptionally talented Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry. After appearing in The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, Matt Berry is ready for his own show; and combined with the comic brilliance of Arthur Matthews, it makes for an exciting and tantalising project – the perfect fit for comedy on Channel 4."

"I hope I can deliver and satisfy," added Berry.

The six half-hour episodes will begin filming in June but, in the meantime, remind yourself of Berry's comedy talents in this clip from last August's Channel 4 pilot...


I really liked the pilot, so I'm looking forward to a full series.

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No air date as yet, but Channel 4 have released another press release (spot the typo...):


A large cast of famous faces has been confirmed to star in Matt Berry’s upcoming Channel 4 comedy series Toast of London. Alongside Doon Mackichan, Robert Bathurst, and Harry Peacock , the series will see appearances from Michael Ball, Amanda Donohoe, Carol Cleveland, Tim Downie, Emma Fryer, Terence Harvey, Rufus Jones, Indira Joshi, Shazad Latif, Lisa Jackson, Terence Harvey, Alan Ford, Geoff McGivern, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Chetna Pandya, Stanley Townsend, and Morgana Robinson.

The new 6 x30 comedy sees Berry play the eccentric Steven Toast – a middle aged actor with a chequered past who spends more time dealing with his problems off stage rather than performing on it. Doon Mackichan stars as Toast’s agent. The original pilot episode was first broadcast in August 2012 as part of Channel 4's Funny Fortnight a season of comedy which marked the channel's 30th birthday. Co-written by Arthur Mathews (co-creator of Channel 4's iconic, Father Ted) and Matt Berry, it garnered rave reviews with Heat Magazine saying it was the “flat out funniest half hour of TV.” It also featured in Radio Times’ Top 40 shows of 2012.

Matt Berry said: "It’s fantastic to have been given the opportunity to develop my pilot into a full blown series and I’ve loved every minute of it! The pilot planted the seeds but now I’ve been able to develop the characters as well as situations that Steven finds himself in - from when he wakes up on a morning to when he goes to the theatre each night to partake in his massively controversial stage play. I really hope Toast of London satisfies and delivers”

Ben Farrell, Executive Producer at Objective Productions commented: “We’re delighted and excited to be working with Matt, Arthur and C4 on more adventures with Steven Toast. Matt, Arthur, producer Kate Daughton and director Michael Cumming have done a fantastic job at bring the weird and wonderful world of Toast to life in six all new episodes.”

C4 Comedy Commissioning Editor, Rachel Springett, said: “We are thrilled to be making the series of Toast of London with the exceptionally talented Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry. After appearing in ‘The IT Crowd’ and ‘Garth Meringue’s Dark Place’, Matt Berry is ready for his own show; and combined with the comic brilliance of Arthur Mathews , it makes for an exciting and tantalising project, the perfect fit for comedy on Channel 4.”

The series, made by Objective Productions (Fresh Meat, Peep Show, The Cube, Derren Brown) and commissioned by C4 Comedy Commissioning Editor, Rachel Springett finished filming this Summer. Executive Producer for Objective is Ben Farrell (part of the All3 Media Group) and Rachel Springett for Channel 4. Producer is Kate Daughton and Director is Michael Cumming.

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Really liked it, especially considering I wasn't aware of the pilot and only caught it being advertised for a ropey timeslot the day before, so I wasn't expecting much. I fall a little bit more in love with Emma Fryer in everything she's in. The stalker girl, she's the same one that does the best Fearne Cotton impression in history right?

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Quite enjoyed this. Matt Berry is really entertaining to watch. Just the tiny little details amuse me like when he goes to the restaurant and there are a row full of single women sitting by themselves and the boosh style walking human stack of papers.

Plus 3 really good sharply defined roles for women as well.

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