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4th Generation Muk Raiding Topic - Panda Land


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  • Raids will open roughly two and a half weeks after the expansion releases. This will give players time to level and enjoy some dungeons and other content before they move on to raiding.
  • Normal and Heroic will open first, with Mythic and LFR starting to open the following week.
  • Blackrock Foundry will open some number of weeks later. (4 weeks for MSV before HoF opened was too short

So that means

October 14th - 6.0 Patch

November 13th - Wod

December 3rd- Highmaul Opens (Normal and Heroic)

December 10th - Highmaul Mythic Opens (remember this is 20man, so not for us)

January 28th (earliest, tweet suggests 8 weeks) - Blackrock Foundry (Normal and Heroic)

February 4th - Blackrock Foundry Mythic(remember this is 20man, so not for us)

I like it. Nice and spread out :)

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its all malicious lies and rumors and i definitely know how to play my class, any insinuation that i don't will be taken as slander and dealt with in the strictest confides of the law

I blame mr lying robot whom is out to trick naive innocent disc priests

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Heads up from Blizz HQ - the UK price per month for WOW will be rising to £9.99 a month from the launch of WOD. However, if you are on a recurring payment scheme that is active at that point, you will remain on an £8.99 a month price for 2 further years. However, if you interrupt that payment scheme for any reason, you will be put on to the £9.99 price on return.

This is what someone put on facebook. Just thought id copy and paste it over just in case it is going to mess someone up!


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