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I remember back in the day when the Newsfield mags were king of the castle and C+VG was, despite its elder status, seen as a load of old bobbins that they'd always take the piss out of (once there was even a catty Oli Frey Enduro Racer-inspired cover with a Crash rider soaring through the air while one with C+VG on their helmet faceplanted into the dirt). But things changed with the arrival of the 8bit consoles. Tony Takoushi did the arcades column (I remember being gutted when he said Afterburner was actually kind of lame when you get down to it, though he was right of course) but once Super Mario Brothers became available on the NES, the balance of power shifted, the Mean Machines section was born soon after and C+VG began to climb out of that pit of lameness like fucking Batman. Of course, Mean Machines eventually got its own dedicated mag but it was always the point where I remember C+VG properly started on its path to glory.

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I remember there was a rivalry between Crash and C&VG regarding the tips person. Crash made a big deal out of the fact they'd got a real person fronting theirs (Hannah Smith?) while C&VG had got a cartoon character (Melissa Ravenflame). There was even a cover showing a cartoon Hannah mud wrestling someone/thing.

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Guy on this IK+ poster looks familiar...


Forgot The One did arcade stuff


Oh man, forgot all about this


The screenshots are awesome!

Oh man.. I think my Nostalgiaometer has just exploded looking through all that little lot!.

Cant believe I'd actually forgotten all about "The One" Magazine! :wub:

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Nope, still can't figure it out. I'm up to about late 1990/early 91 with The One archive, when I did still had an Amiga and I've played a lot of the games they're reviewing, but unlike issues 1-18, I can't seem to recall buying or seeing any beyond that.

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I'd agree that the redesign was when it died. CVG was never a magazine filled with words as everything was in box outs but if you put them altogether you'd have a good solid page of writing. The redesign basically became the captions under pictures in a slightly larger font and that was the whole article. Lots of pictures and lots of captions, no in depth editorial just explaining what was in the picture and sometimes not even that.

The online side got worse when every article had BOK! or Shit the bed! in it and i stopped reading it very quickly. For me the xmas 96 or 97 issue was one of the best magazines ever made, filled with reviews and previews of exciting games for all the 3 major formats like Diddy Kong Racing or Virtua Cop etc along with this issue.


Man, this brings back memories. Anyone got a PDF of it?

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Slight bump here, but I loved C&VG as an Atari 8-bit owner in 84/85, since UK coverage of my machine was scarce at the time and C&VG was the only place I could turn (probably 3 pages out of more than 100!)

However, it was seeing this page much later (then an Amiga owner) that made me wonder about the "journalistic" tactics they used to gain "exclusives".

Examine the bottom third of the Dark Castle title page screenshot :-)


I'm sure there were other slightly "iffy" references during the time I read the mag, but I can remember this being a stand-out howler that went unacknowledged!

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Like others, I picked up only a few issues around the point where I went from Speccy to consoles (1990) as I mainly bummed Mean Machines. After that did its split into ONM and MMS I went back to C&VG up until around 1999.

I remember the first issue of the re-design. Some twats they got in to play the Dreamcast were complaining about KoF'99 Dream Match (actually KoF'98) having Megadrive graphics. Since then I never as much as picked up another issue for a flick-through in Smiths again.

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This was the first gaming mag I ever bought, and did so for quite a while. I particularly remember an issue with a '3D' cover and 'free' red/green glasses and lots more 3D drawings scattered through the mag, illustrating some of the type-ins etc. I thought it was amazing, but then I was only 12 ;)

Then PCG (Personal Computer Games) came out and it seemed to have a more interesting layout, better reviews, more interviews with games companies and programmers and a cool game of the month poster pullout in the middle, so I kind of lost interest a bit in C&VG for a few years, just buying the odd copy, especially after Zzap and Amiga Power had entered my life.

Do still kind of miss seeing it the shelves though...

EDIT Do agree with the comments complimenting the arcade coverage though - the pages of C&VG were the first time I laid my eyes on Strider, Gradius II, Ghouls & Ghosts, Raiden, and loads more cool stuff.

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