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Squadron 42/Star Citizen


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Can't imagine anyone doing something like Wing Commander III again though - wasn't that one of the most expensive games ever made? Great though

It was at the time, but was surpassed pretty quickly. The budget for a AAA current-gen title would be much larger.

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The budget for that Project Sylpheed wasn't that expensive. I mean, okay, if you had the same production values but to be honest, you could get away with renders and cheap actors i'd reckon. Who cares about those really?

I mean the FMV was at the time quite groundbreaking - but we've moved on now.

I don't think you'd need that kind of budget.

If you want something to fill the gap, i'd get that as its really quite good (its well cheap now if you can find a copy) and pretty exciting.

Would be nice for him to do something similar though.

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It's not like we've been waiting for a decent space combat game since forever, or anything, eh?

All those dead genres like this and adventure games and it turns out that the demand's there, it's just the risk-averse publisher-funded development model that prevented them being made. Who'd a thunk it?

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