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Gravity Falls - New Animated TV Show


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I've watched four episodes I'm quite liking it so I'll stick with it. Episodes are short enough to watch whilst I'm at the gym too, although I'll probably get some dodgy looks :) when is the final episodes?

I guess I have plenty of time to catch up.

In my opinion, everything really clicked into place when they introduced Waddles. That was the final piece of Mabel's personality and by that point the writers had really got a handle on everyone's personalities. Everything from that point is golden.

Loved everything from the newest episode. Actually did a slight fist bump at Ducktective. :blush:

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If anyone would like a quick fix of Gravity Falls before the final episode, the cast and characters all make a very brief cameo appearance in the newest Wander Over Yonder, 'The Cartoon'. They appear as an intergalactic Scooby Doo and gang.


Incidentally, I can't imagine anyone who loves Gravity Falls not loving Wander Over Yonder. It's a very different type of show but just like GF the quality is absurdly high, has it's heart squarely in the right place and has a massive fondness for retro pop culture. 'The Cartoon' is almost literally a love letter to 70's/80's cartoon (He-Man in particular) via MST3K and is incredible. Another recent episode featured the most authentic spoof advert for a fictional 80's/90's toy imaginable and played constant homage to Thundercats and Battle Of The Planets.

Brilliant show.

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Just perfect. It took me a couple of episodes to get into the show, even with a lot of people talking about how good it is, but once the Mystery of Gravity Falls got it's teeth in me it never let go. So happy with that ending, a whole complete story with great characters, location, humour and depth. I'm gonna miss Dipper, Mabel and the mad town of Gravity Falls.

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