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FTL - Faster than light


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3 hours ago, GamesGamesGames said:

It's such a great game. Into the Breach is so low-fat that it knocked FtL into the background for me, but I'll keep returning no doubt. It's brilliant.

 I love ITB too. But I crave more FTL... still never beaten FTL on hard, ITB I've pretty roundly thrashed now.

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Got an odd problem trying to launch this from within Xbox Game Pass for Windows 10: it just flickers to a black screen and then kicks me back to the Xbox launcher.


I don't really *need* to play it via Xbox - I already have it on Steam where I've got over 200 hours played - but I was curious to see whether it would load my existing save file and pop a load of Xbox achievements all at once.


It definitely finds the configuration file (in User/Documents/My Games/fasterthanlight/ or whatever the folder is) because it writes something to it (that is, if I go into that folder and try to launch the game, the .ini file gets updated with the current date and time).


Thought it might be graphics settings so I edited the .ini file with a few different combinations and none of it worked.


Launched it on Steam again, to check, and it ran first time.


I then uninstalled the Steam version and tried again via GamePass - nothing.


Anyone run into anything similar?

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Update: still can't run it on my own computer but I checked on my girlfriend's computer (also running Windows 10 1909) and FTL runs just fine. Moreover it found the Steam savegame and config files without any prompting.


Turns out there aren't any Xbox achievements anyway. Whoops :)


Still one of the games of the decade though. Anyone with PC Game Pass who has somehow not played this yet - get on it! It's the best game you'll ever play for no additional outlay.

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