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PS+ Jan (Jan 7th): Infamous: First Light, The Swapper (PS4) Ducktales, Prototype 2 (PS3) Whoa Dave, Duke Nukem (Vita)


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Quick check: a fiend wants to buy a new PS3 & PS+ in Europe but use it in the US (he will be working there for about a year).

Can he do do that or is he better off buying a US PS3 and US PS+?

It'll work just fine.

The only problem he might have is if he buys local games and wants to use them on a European PSN account, the DLC won't work, and nor will any Online Pass codes etc. that are redeemed through the store (as they're classed as DLC).

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My subscription expired last week. I've decided not to renew, too many games which I simply didn't play for more than an hour or two here or there. I just wish this (or something similar) had existed when I was a kid and a) had time and b) no money. It would have been amazing.

Mine auto renewed at £40 - then I got an email offering me a discounted renewal 2 days later and I'm in the same boat as you - hope the ps4 plus offerings are good.

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For some reason I'm unwilling to deal with them until they're listed on the online store. Genuinely mystified as to why it doesn't update automatically, or at least at the same time, as the store on the Playstation.

I think I've mentioned this before; it's because the store is a COMPLETE BAG OF SHITE.

Still, manually found and queued, what a month.

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