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RPL United - Season 19


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"United Assemble" is the new series from the FTV Bleeders, the creator of BAP TV shows "City" and "Town".

The season kicks off on October 18th, where the premiere will be expected to air during the weekend of the 19th October. What can viewers expect from the forthcoming season? Pretty much exactly what they saw with "City" and "Town".

BAP stalwarts and newcomers alike have signed on to appear on "United Assemble", the full cast is as follows;

Nathan, will be appearing as Loki

Jazzy, will be appearing as Thor

MardiganX, will be appearing as Captain America

Bleeders, will be appearing as Hawkeye

Sladie, will be appearing as Iron Man

Tomox, will be appearing as Agent Romanov

Tobert, will be appearing as Agent Phil Coulson

Dan, will be appearing as The Hulk

Hannay, will be appearing as The Mewling Quim

and…introducing Steely, who will be appearing as Director Nick Fury

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liking the looks of this team, can be a very strong side and a good pick in Brazil. Will be hoping to pick up Fifa 13 sometime this week so should be ready for the start of the season :)

Any news on the positions front Steely?

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Great stuff last night guys. Some lucky/pooy goals, and some brilliant ones. The passing up top was really starting to gel in the second and third games.

Things definitely looking good for the season, when we had the defenders on last week, things looked very strong.

Cue a severe bumming tomorrow, obv. :P

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Yup, great games last night. Brazil's defence looks beastly, so once we get those positions filled we should be looking much more solid than with just the Any controlling everyone. It seems to be clicking well up front already as well, so let's hope we can carry that on into the cup!

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