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Different accompaniments for roast chicket

Anne Summers

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I'm doing a big chicken today - I love roast chicken, it's my favourite mainstream roast as there's only 2 of us so there's loads of leftovers for the week.

I'm getting bored of just doing it with roast potatoes, stuffing, yorkshires and carrots/peas/broccoli though.

What are some good suggestions for alternatives to go with roast chicken?

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We do baby spuds, butternut squash, red onion, courgette, garlic, peppers and chorizo all cooked in a test under the chicken (the chicken is on a rack). It's fecking ace!

Chorizo spiced roast veg, dripping in chicken juice.....


Doing that this weekend :D

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God, that sounds amazing. How long do you cook it for? Is there any prep for it?

I just chop everything up, put it I a bowl and give it a coating of olive oil. The spuds get boiled first though. I generally give it about 40 minutes to an hour.

The only tricky thing is the chorizo. Put it in too early and it can get incinerated, too late and it doesn't impart enough flavour to the veg.

I always put the oily juice in the gravy Along with the juice of a couple of roast lemons.

I do loads of veg then the remains of the meat with the veg and the gravy makes Monday night chicken stew.

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