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Old pictures of you playing games/consoles.


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Haha nice work. I think we had 'the ninja' on card.. It was released on card right? if not must have been hang-on!

PAL My Card games;

Bank Panic

F16 Fighting

Ghost House

Great Baseball

Great Soccer


My Hero

Spy vs. Spy

Super Tennis

Teddy Boy


Nope, but Hang On on a card was rare as it was the built in game for many of the SMS during that era.

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I just had a look, I can't find any of me playing games.

There's a good one of my cousin and I sitting in front of the TV one Easter a million years ago. There should be a NES in the cabinate, but you can't see it.


(I'm the bigger one, and yes, I'm aware I look like a drug abuser...)

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The first turtles game? After the majesty of the coin-op game (which they did eventually convert) I remember being severely disappointed with that game (C64 version, don't know if it was better on other formats).

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Haha, I just went on to YouTube to see if I could somehow equate it to being 10 years old and not equal to it but it honestly looks as horrible to play as I remember. The NES version in comparison at least has sprites recognizable enough to elicit a bit of excitement for 10 year old me but the C64 version just looks an uncoordinated mess and that's what I remember playing!

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Great thread, will have to try and dig some pics out from my Speccy days.

It's also got me thinking what it would be like to look back on "current" gen stuff in 20+ years time. My 2 year olds already taken a shine to the Vita


Wonder if she'll look back on pics like that in years to come and wonder what the hell that thing was? .. It really is worrying how quick they adapt to technology... anyway that's going OT. More old retro pics of consoles and mullets are needed!

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Found this one, fresh from 1991, lucky I've noted on it that we are playing Zolyx on the C64 while ignoring the powerful amiga.

I am posing with the fake gun, the guy in the bottom right has been working for Rock Star North for several years now !

Its a bit blurry, but in the background are draws of C64 tapes, some amiga disks a couple of joysticks and someones breakfast bowl.

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Yeah, great thread, I dont think I have any to contribute though other than some from Bath meets which are ten years old at best :(

Amazing pic this one though, what a couple of dorks (I mean that in the best possible way)

Well this is a bit harsh. Clearly you haven't clocked the Sergio Tacchini tracksuit top my brother is wearing or my Fila top. We were well fly.

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In fairness, that Turtles game was bollocks hard and certainly not worth the effort. Once you got past the awful, awful swimming stage it levelled out a bit but by that point all your lives were gone. The main appeal was getting to ride the Turtle Van around the map in the later stages but, as I said, with one life it's not so fun...

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The swimming stage was a doddle, it was later on when it was night time and trying to find the tecnodrome - now that was impossible.

I got as far as inside the technodrome, but never completed it.

You could also 'rescue' a turtle after the swimming stage! If one had died. Still, it was quite a nice change to the norm at the time, allowing you to select your characters etc.

Does anyone have photos of the Belfast Meet? Again, this would have been about 10 years ago now.

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Yeah im sporting my 'hair is starting to recede, better cut my long hair.. shit.. whats a hairstyle when its at home' look!

Loving these pics. U-1 makes a great point, must make sure to get some pics of my wee lad. The dual vests in taiAtari's make me chortle

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