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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Captain Kelsten

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You might have seen these individual clips before, but someone put together this video of John Williams viewing and discussing ESB's carbonite scene with George Lucas and Irvin Kershner, and then recording the score:


My father-in-law is in there somewhere. He played piccolo for the LSO then, so he's all over the soundtrack. And Raiders, Superman etc.

Basically if you hear a piccolo in those films, that's him as he was the only one.

Sadly he is not full of interesting anecdotes at all.

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The difference demonstrated in that documentary are quite striking. It's not just taking the shite out as much as some of the colour correction.

If I were heading up Disney*, I'd hire these guys and get them the best source material available and re-release the original films on blu ray.


*EDIT: The first 6 films are still 20th Century Fox owned.

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The despcialized editions of all three films, are just incredible. Amazing project and utterly awesome results.

too right - the bluray versions are redundant

I also have adywans Star wars, which introduces some lovely touches

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