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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Captain Kelsten

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Behind it? I'm going to be gutted if this isn't the case! It would redeem most of what was wrong with TPM.

What is Serkis' involvement? We've not seen any shots of his character yet, have we?

He's Supreme Leader Snoke, the leader of the First Order, which is what the Empire has become in the last 30yrs. There have been no pictures of him but rumour leaks say he is

zombie-like in appearance.

Maybe bullshit though.

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Duracell Star Wars commercial with tenuous TFA link (Threepio is in there with his red arm). Conspiracy theorists already saying, "The girl is dressed like Daisy and wields a lightsaber - TFA spoiler!" which is bananas fanboi bollocks. Unless it isn't (*Twilight Zone tune plays*).

It's pure 'murican cheese, but the FX are great.

It's weird but to me this just kinda speaks to some of the stuff i've written about: it just seems so generic and overly familiar to the point of being cloying.

Hard to explain.

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I turned off at "I hope it's tattooine, it would be really confusing if it's not"

I love it when people inform you of when they stopped watching a video you posted. It's so clever and original.

I knew an obnoxious. snotty Star Wars obsessive would be right along to say that, apparently being unable to see beyond one small error in an entertaining 50 minute video.

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What a coincidence. I knew an insecure, overly-posting forum obsessive would take it personally if I came along to say that too.

No need to throw names about straight off the bat eh?

But why should I watch a speculation video if they don't know what they're talking about?

No-one said you should watch the video, dickhead.

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Christ Smitty, just back down or admit some fault. If you're going to post speculation videos it would be nice if the people in them knew about the movie they're discussing. Nobody made anyone watch it, but you don't need to respond to any perceived insult by running in windmilling out insults. It makes you sound insane and you end up pissing off tonnes of people who weren't even interested with your indiscriminate insults being flung as wide as you feel like. You're a smart guy with interesting things to say, it doesn't need to be a conflict every single time someone has a different idea.

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Look mum, I'm in a Smitty thread.

..as much as I utterly love the Redlettermedia Plinkett reviews of the Star Wars prequels, and those films deserve the clever and satirical analysis that's dealt to them... I'm less into the straight up Curmudgeon attitude of the more recent Redlettermedia crew.

I get it, they like to pick shit to bits and have a whine because that's what they're new audience expects. Must be hard coming up with new content for a popular youtube channel.

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