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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Doctor Shark

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The Stormtrooper Strike

Without these enforceable minimum standards, Grand Moffs will be invited to cut corners and compromise Death Star safety.

We have been seeking talks with Darth Vader over the safety issues at the heart of the current dispute and we welcome the opportunity to meet the Sith at ACAS tomorrow.

The number of staff being Force-choked by management, shot by blasters, cut in half by lightsabers or vented into space during Rebellion attacks, is many times the 200 we were told would be the case during negotiations.

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JJ Abrams has form...

Wrong thread and discussion, but why does the flying cop have to turn around, fly back down the road, turn off and fly off down the track when it could just... fly over the field to rejoin the road? And why does he try to drive the car off the cliff anyway? WHY JJ WHY?

(he thought it would look good but really it's shit, that's why)

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