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Stocking up the drinks cabinet for winter

Red Alignment

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Random suggestion, but I love Becherovka as an alternative to gin in the winter.

Best description I can think of is 'herby gin' so kind of fits in with the whole mulled Christmas thing.

Regardless, tis a lovely thing with tonic and a slice of lemon.

In a blind taste test I couldn't really tell the difference between becherovka and benelyn.

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with a quiet afternoon in planned I'm sampling my gin cupboard for unexpected treasures

Monkey gin has proved a disappointment but an american gin, No 209 is superb, its quite citrusy with almost a hint of tasting like Sprite but I really like it, up they with the Tanq 10s, Sacred and Fifty Pounds in my book as a superb gin.

Old Monk rum in the monk shaped bottle is very nice too.

Think I may be out cold by 3pm

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not a drink recommendation but just received my Death Star ice sphere moulds yesterday, I do like using large ice balls in a g&t or rum and coke and these are even better than the previous Japanese ball mould I had.

added benefit is I'm sure its the way Darth Vadar would have ordered his G&T in the officers mess shortly before the destruction of Alderaan

http://www.excalibur...icone Ice Tray/


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Seriously though, anything in particular? I think it's the nicest spiced rum easily available. Having said that, occasional forum reprobate Ianos told me about Old J's recently (http://www.oldjspicedrum.co.uk/), which is apparently just old recipe Sailor Jerry.

I recommended it earlier in the thread (Old J) it's excellent and ridiculously close to the original Sailor Jerry's

I love most rums, but didn't think Kraken was much special, not bad just didn't blow me away with flavour.

The below thread on HUD is a great way to find spirit bargains for the festive period:


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Appleton VX ( which I assume you mean ) is a Jamaican rum, distilled from Sugar Cane, the VX refers to the number of the rums mixed together to produce the finished product, all aged to differing amounts. The older rums are generally smoother and easier to drink but the age declarations are confusing because there are Solera aged rums ( where barrels are cascaded down from the top to the bottom of the system ) which are aged based on the oldest barrel, and then there are those that have a lower number, that will be aged based on the youngest.

You can certainly taste the difference between rums, I think it's the most accessible and varied spirit.

If you like the VX, try the Santa Teresa gran reserva, which is really good value at £15 a bottle at ocado this week. Although I'm sure the VX is on sale in sainsburies at the moment for £20 ish, and El Dorado 8 yr was in Aldi for £20 a couple of weeks ago, which would be another one to try.

There's a "live" rum tasting with Appletons, you might still be able to get a tasting kit


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Old J's recently (http://www.oldjspicedrum.co.uk/), which is apparently just old recipe Sailor Jerry.


Whilst in the US, my wife and I acquired a taste for Rumchata, a new liquor that's super popular out there. It's a cream liquor mixed with rum, flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon; vaguely like Bailey's but with the whisky swapped out for rum. But, y'know, not horribly sacchrine like Baileys is. You can't buy it here so we've just tried making a batch. Mixed results so far, we're tweaking the recipe.

I needed a spice rum for this and Kraken isn't cheap so I picked up some Captain Morgan Spiced Gold on the grounds it was cheap (£18/l). And it actually turns out to be alright. I had a couple of Cuba Libres with it last night and found it very drinkable, at least as a mixer.

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Next time you go to duty free, get some Ron Zapaca, it's as god a rum as i've ever had. Amazingly smooth and full but delicate flavour. It is really sweet though so if you don't like them like that then it's probably not for you.

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