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Simile/comparison time here: I love this game but I must say that I consider it more of a set-up for the sequel. No spoilers, but this game tears Sebastian's life and psyche apart, and the sequel allows him to mentally fight back. I compare it to Ash in The Evil Dead vs Ash in Army of Darkness (though TEW2 isn't a comedy obv). Also much like RE4 to RE1/2/3, TEW2 is much more self-aware in that respect. While it's better than the first, I think it's that good because of the first, and I very much enjoy the contrast as a result. They're different like The Terminator and Terminator 2 are different.


TEW2 also has some brilliant and very enjoyable moments that are built up to along the course of both games. I was grinning like a loon at certain moments. If you weren't keen on the first game, don't write the sequel off - you'll really miss out. 


In other news, I love the Gary Numan song over the end credits of the first game, so obviously it's the only one not on the OST. :angry: 

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I absolutely love this game! Yes the sequel is indeed better because it does away with a lot of the rough edges of this one (the insta-deaths etc). But this one just feels so.... raw(?) In comparison. Might be down to some strange mechanics or the heavy visual grain/filters but there's definitely something special buried in here. I still remember the intro to the invisible enemies - I absolutely cacked it. 😆


I think the post above explains it best casting these games as Terminator 1 & 2. 🙂


I would love to have seen a third game. It's been a long time though - probably this franchise has seen its last. ☹

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Following on from my post above, I decided to give this a replay on PS5. Seriously, when this game gets it right, it's REALLY good. The atmosphere is superb, the graphics and sound are excellent, the enemies are pretty memorable and suitably menacing, and the weapons have a nice meaty whallop.


I'm only up to chapter 5, so I'm yet to get to the places where it grates or gets a little annoying (the insta-kill boss fights etc), but I still think this is a bit of a classic. Look forward to doing a replay of the sequel after this, but I think it's going to give me a hankering for what would be a fantastic 3rd game on current gen hardware. :(

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