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Elite Dangerous - Odyssey paid update due early 2021

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6 hours ago, Pob said:

How is HOTAS + sofa?


If you can keep it stable, likely very comfortable. I tried a few times when playing Elite and never really found a sweet spot where I wasn't also moving the unit itself, so the coffee table needed to come into play.

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Anyone playing this at the moment - there's an interesting event going on in Imperial Space


4 starports have been attacked and are on fire - requesting supplies and/or evacuations. I know a few of you are Imperial allied so it's probably quite near your locations.


It's just a nice different task to do if you're bored and it's intense flying into a burning station. Kit your ship with passenger accommodation and heatsinks and there are some quick bucks to earn - especially Empire reputation. I managed to rinse an entire Promotion (from Lord -> Viscount) in about an hour.

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Maybe it will get some solid tweaking during the build up and release of a big expac... It has felt to me like no one in Frontier cared about the game as a game, they had strong ideas about how people SHOULD play, but could do nothing to make that the best style of play. So much effort has gone into multiplayer aspects that don't add anything to the game... if it was a single player game with a story and 'fluid' enough economic model a single person could influence things it would be my ideal game!

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As per FDev's forum post, they've set up a team to manage galnet, Community events and narrative over the newfew years.  They'd all ground to a halt, so good news. They'd all been on pause.


They also confirm no ship interior for this expansion.  There is some element of walking around stations along side planetary bases.  Given their size, presumably it's a limited area.


VR support is back in.  Switches to a theatre mode when on foot. Seems like the perfect compromise for a game that's not a dedicated VR title



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