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Break out the Sonic Cycle! New Sonic Games Incoming


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According to ONM

"Over the next year there will be a big focus on the expansion of [sonic licensed] toy distribution across Europe," SEGA's European head of brand licensing Sissel Henno is reported to have toldToys 'n' Playthings magazine.

"Similarly, we will also be growing the apparel, publishing and stationary categories. We will have several new digital titles launching as well as a new boxed game, so there will be plenty of opportunities to link marketing campaigns across games and merchandise."

Begin spinning!

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Rumor has it that SEGA will be announcing a new Sonic the Hedgehog title in February, with a release planned for late 2013. Sonic Stadium suggests that a teaser could be sent out during “Hedgehog Day” on February 2, a day normally used to tease fans about the Sonic’s future. A full reveal could then take place later in the month.

Sonic Stadium also posted a number of different details about the unconfirmed project.

- Name not final

- Wii U, PS3, 360, 3DS, Vita, PC, “next-gen” console versions

- PC/Vita versions will be identical aside from visual differences

- 3DS game will be like Sonic Rush

- Console version will feature switches between full 3D movement and 2D side-scrolling sections

- Multiple routes

- Each route in a stage will lead to one of two or three exits at the end that will each take you to a different stage

- You will always end up at the same final stage

- Final stage count hasn’t been decided, but devs will add at least 20 different ones, not including boss battles

- Begin the game with Sonic and unlock other characters (yay! don't give up Sega.) by completing stages

- Doesn’t mean 20+ characters will be playable

- Each character has his/her own skills to help them progress in stages easier where others will have more difficulty or simply cannot like in Sonic & Knuckles and the Sonic Advance series

- Ex: Sonic and Shadow can’t make it up a wall, but Tails can easily fly up there or Knuckles can climb, allowing them access to an exit Sonic and Shadow can’t reach

- Stages can be replayed with any character of your choice

- 3DS version “similar in idea, but smaller in scope”

- Developers are trying to fit all of the characters into the game, but it will feature far fewer stages (should be the oher way round... )

- There will still be many paths through stages, but it looks like every stage will only ever branch off into 2 stages

- SEGA has its best developers working on the games (well that's comforting)

- Game has been in the works since before Sonic Generations

- Out this autumn or next winter at the latest

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The extra characters are fine! I really like the STH character designs. It's when they're putting Tails in a fucking robot suit, giving Shadow guns, or putting Knuckles in tedious 'find the emerald' stages.

They should really let another dev have a go at a Sonic game though.

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The idea of returning to what Sonic 2 and 3 introduced - different characters = different abilities = different routes/possibilities for each character, is something to get excited about.

Different exits don't really mean much to me though, I'd rather have those 20 Zones back to back, and have them adjusted slightly depending on the character you are playing as.

Gief me naaaoooww

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All my opinion, of course...

What I would like is quite simply. Take Sonic 2 or 3, I don't care. Change the levels around, like you can in debug mode (but not as mental). Give us 7 (?) levels each comprising 2 acts, with a boss at the end of each, which we have to simply bounce on and avoid at the same time.

We do not need lock-on bopping or whatever it is called. Ideally Sonic et al. would be sprites, but who knows. Maybe that's impossible now. The music needs to be like some of the fanremixes, or 16bit stuff, or hell, Sonic CD. Nothing too annoying. The old music is amazing. Still.

I still play ROMs of Sonic 2, and Sonic 3 & K, every few months on my PSP. I would just like the same again, tbh! Those games are ace.

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Surely the Sonic Cycle is broken by the fact that Sonic Generations is meant to actually be quite good?

It's like the Sonic Cycle represented entirely in one game. It starts off well, goes steadily downhill, and by the end makes you hate it. The final boss in particular is one of the worst designed bosses I've ever seen.

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It's when they introduce stages from the worst Sonic games ever and you're like: whut?

Yeah, it's strange. They had the entirety of the Sonic franchise to pick from, and they included a stage from Sonic '06?

I can only assume there was publisher pressure to pick more from games customers can actually still buy for modern consoles, so some users might play Crisis City in Generations then go buy '06 - and experience it in it's buggy, shoddy, half-finished glory.

Taken as a whole, it wasn't a bad game; I even thought it had the best "modern Sonic" stuff in the franchise, and this is coming from someone who quite liked Adventure 1 when it was new. It was just let down in a few places, and those places became more frequent the further into the game you got.

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