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Pretty happy about Little Mac in Smash Bros. I wonder if the coach's voice will be present in game? Koopalings in Mario Kart is nice but the way Iwata introduced the video, mentioning "characters you may not expect" I though we'd see some non-Mario racers, especially after seeing Kirby driving with the other Karters in the Smash Bros trailer.

Are those clubhouse parts of Mario Golf going to be close to the GBC/GBA rpg aspects of the series?

NES Remix 2 is great; one step closer to SNES Remix. Needs leaderboards though and they weren't mentioned (though they were for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze).

X looks like Xenoblade crossed with Monster Hunter. Dunno if that's gonna please anyone who wouldn't have already bought the Wii U for Monster Hunter anyway.

Bayonetta 2 looks like Bayonetta 1, which is fine.

I was hoping for something a bit more significant though.

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I'm currently 45 hours into Xenoblade and cannot see how this won't be my favourite JRPG ever once I complete it (and yes, I've played many). It is outstanding, the combat is fun and engaging... The music...Even the (dated) backdrops still blow me away. I can understand how it's not for everyone but it is the perfect game for me.

I have been trying not to he hyped for X, in fear it being scrapped or something. Honestly if X is anything like Xenoblade in terms of scope and immersion then it will truly be something special indeed.

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+ Donkey Kong looked excellent

+ GBA games on Wii U could be great, depending on pricing. I'd love some Advance Wars U, but they should have been on the 3DS too.

+ The 3DS has a lot of titles coming up soon.

- Although I can't really say I'm particularly excited about any of them, apart from Layton vs. Ace Attorney, but they should be good at least.

- Apart from DK, there weren't any exciting retail titles (for me) for the Wii U. I'm sure MK will be solid enough, but Sonic Transformed blew Kart out of the water, and I doubt this will have the same level of variety in the career mode. Not a big Smash fan, didn't click with Xenoblade and I haven't played Bayonetta (or like the genre), so the Wii U releases are very sparse this year. I've got a big backlog at the moment, so I'm not really bothered yet, but hopefully the U will have a much stronger second half of the year.

+ NES remix 2 looked nice, and hopefully does well, leading to a SNES remix later this year, which I'd be much more interested in.

+ Might get some of the 3DS eshop titles while they're on sale


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Was Steel Diver 2 that FPS style sub game they showed early on? I fell in the middle of it and shortly afterwards turned it off because the stream got fucked all the time. I thought it looked a bit basic, but I used to love submarine games like Silent Service back in the Amiga day.

Yes. The basic game is free and out now.

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X looks terrible.

i think it would too if you haven't played xenoblade - its a lot of fun i can assure you as it is based on xenoblade combat but i can see why it can look a bit rubbish. It looks like you can equip different weapons on the fly (real-time weapon change) and mount/dismount the dolls freely at anytime (even during combat). Add 4 player co-op and it should be fun.

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Only strange people didn't want Mario Golf or NES Remix 2.

Anyway, the Direct was supposed to be about games coming out this Spring.

So they showed games coming out this Spring.

Colour me strange then, you apologist.

So spring was it? Bayonetta 2 and X out this spring are they? That's good, I suppose.

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