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Keep Running! Now Live on Kickstarter!

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Like 98% of the rest of the planet, I've just launched a game on Kickstarter. It's called Keep Running! and the campaign runs through to Christmas Eve.

The story behind Keep Running! is that you and your friends are camping in the woods. Suddenly, a bear crashes through the treeline... and he is HUNGRY. Using a combination of dice rolls and clever hand management, you need to cast friendship aside and survive! Players roll their dice and choose a card from their hand; the modifier on your card will give you a final speed for that round.

From the fastest down to the slowest, you follow the instructions on your card; some may allow you to steal from your opponents, others let you draw from the pile. Should you run out, you can flip your character's card (just once!) to grab two more cards, but you'll suffer a -1 penalty for the rest of the game...

Run out of cards and the bear eats you. Be the last runner standing and you'll savour the joy of victory! Games play in about twenty minutes and it's a cracking little filler that works for between three and eight players.

If you'd like to check out Keep Running! for yourself, you can try out a full (low-ink, printer friendly) version of the game by clicking the Dropbox link below:


Should that tickle your fancy, the Kickstarter link is here:


Anything you fine folks could do to spread the word or help the campaign is massively appreciated. If you have any questions, just ask!

Thank you for your time and hopeful support smile.gif

Oh yeah, and here's a couple of the (work in progress) cards:



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You know in your rules where you say if the slowest players are tied they need to come to a joint decision, do you think it would be better if they just both discarded a card each?

Otherlise, looks fun, good luck!

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Early versions of the game had that, but this way means that you MUST discuss it. The idea behind the game is to cut deals, negotiate as best you can, do anything you can to survive. I've had other people say that they introduce a timer to get people to hurry up, but the rules you see are my final set-up. However, once a game leaves my hands, it's entirely up to you if you want to change stuff!

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