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Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again


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The 60FPS thing also makes some of the jumps impossible. I may have found this out after almost biting through my controller after around an hour of trying to make the jump to get to the asylum only to have to run through the skeletal gauntlet around 50 times.

I played the game with the 60fps mod start to finish and made all jumps. I trained myself to not slide down ladders though.

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Coming to this from Bloodborne highlights how easy it is. Enemy placements are just silly, the challenge hasn't been upped at all really. I'm two bosses in and haven't felt in danger or peril once, two handing a mace naked. Dragonrider glitch still exists so you can be powerful within half an hour.

So you've used a glitch to make the game easy.....and then found the game to be easy?

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I've made it so I can get adp to 20 in half an hour rather than an hour. Its the way I've played the game since my first run through of vanilla. Its not exactly game-breaking or a huge advantage. The glitch just kills DragonRider quicker than straight up fighting him.

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I now own:

3 x Demon's Souls

2 x Dark Souls

1 x Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

3 x Dark Souls II

2 x Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

1 x Bloodborne


Nicely done, I'll try and get a picture of my tat/treasure (delete as sensible) later :)

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Scholar Of The First Sin is to get a Patch Addressing Durability.

http://info.darksouls.jp/other/sp/information_detail/2015-04-16-01.html (used google translate)

News of the update file ver1.02 delivery
Thank you indeed I received patronage the From Software than daily.
Regarding DARK SOULS Ⅱ SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Windows DirectX11),
I am planning the delivery of a new update file to update the program.
It should be noted that delivery schedule is currently in the adjustment, as soon as they are determined, you will be notified at a later date this page.
We apologize for the inconvenience to everyone, but thank you kindly enough for your note.
Delivery schedule adjustment in
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows (DirectX11)
[item to be modified and adjusted by the latest update file]
When you attack the enemy, such as corpses, and modification of the phenomenon that weapon endurance value decreases significantly
At Ojo Doran Greig / craving throne, and despite the fact that defeat all the bosses that can be defeated, modification of phenomenon that summon sign from being displayed
Guard break, modification of the stick playing phenomenon that input is less likely to be successful, such as jump attack
Online multiplayer, modification of phenomenon that bloodstain of death replay does not occur some
Online multiplayer, modification of the phenomenon that the client side hangs up during the event movie playback of Watashi-ya Gilligan tower of soil
Online multiplayer, terminates the host game during matching, modify phenomena that can not be loaded from the save data when restarting the game again
In Xbox One version, when you pause the game machine body in online multiplayer, modification of phenomenon that game would kill
In Xbox One version, when you restart the game again to pause the game machine body, modification of phenomenon that offline mode
In Xbox One version, and the boundary of the area has been back and forth many times, modification of phenomenon that game hangs up
In Xbox One version, when the host during online multiplayer has expired network line, modification of phenomenon that does not normally return
After the latest update file application, each version notation in the upper right title screen will be as follows.
PlayStation 4
 Ver [1.00 ⇒ 1.02]
 Regulation [2.01 ⇒ 2.02]
Xbox One / Windows (DirectX11)
 Ver [1.01 ⇒ 1.02]
 Regulation [2.01 ⇒ 2.02]
※ There is no maintenance of game server associated with this update.

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Decided to upload most of the boss fights I did during my first playthrough of Scholar of the First Sin, if only to show how OP two-handing Rapiers can be in combination with the Old Leo Ring and Flynn's Ring.


Some nice videos mate, especially Dragonslayer. ADP for life! I forgot how awesome the rapier is :D

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I don't get what's so op with the Rapier. I watched a couple of fights and I'll stick to my Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe as it seems to hit a lot harder without being that much slower. What looks significantly more OP to me is summoning. I watched the Sinner fight and it just completely trivialized it: he focused on the the other guy the entire time and you constantly hit him without fear until he died. Boring.

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Made serious headway after just a day and a halves play: I'm at my soft-cap of SL120, and i've cleared everything in the main game (incl. optional side bosses) up to collecting the Ashen Mist Heart. Now time for the first DLC.

Gotta say i'm really enjoying the new enemy placement and added extras to each level. I may be biased, because after so many hours with the vanilla version, any change is welcome, but the thing is, the variations all make sense in the grand scheme of things, nothing is done arbitrarily.

A couple that stand out were Undead Crypt, if only because it was the first area to actually give me trouble and cause a couple of deaths. And second is Dragon Shrine, which has as wonderfully novel twist that I won't spoil.

Game on!

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What!? :/ It seems I can't get the platinum trophy for this without maxing out the devotion for two online covenants (the SunBro one and the Bell Protectors one) as you can't get two spells without that.

Fuck, man. Not cool.

The Bell Protector one can be gotten offline by joining the covenant, play in offline mode, then try killing the Mad Assassin about 20 times (he has a 1 in 10 chance to spawn on the roof there at Old Iron Keep) just remember to speak to the wee dwarf guy after every five kills or so to level up in that covenant until you're awarded the spell... Not sure if there is a SunBros. offline workaround...

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That Hidden Weapon spell from the Bellends is the reason i'm sitting on 3 'almost' Platinums (before this run). lol! Its because i feel bad about invading people. :( Once again i've probably levelled myself outta range, even if i did decide to do it this time.

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Not sure if there is a SunBros. offline workaround...

The guys in Harvest Valley who kind of ride those monster things will drop Sunlight Medals. It was definitely possible to get all trophies offline in the original release, it would be mental if they'd changed it.

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If you are looking to get the platinum, from my experience on the vanilla edition, I would definitely recommend doing the Bell Keeper and Sun Bro online stuff early doors rather than waiting till you have done everything else. 30 medals doesn't seem like a lot but it is a pain in the balls when your Soul Memory is through the roof and every other person you co-op with is a useless cretin who manages to fall off the scenery just on the way to the boss.

DS2 was pretty great for the ease of co-oping, but the flipside of that is that many people just coast through it summoning for every boss and in the final areas you still managed to get summoned by people who don't seem to have discovered the dodge button yet.

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