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Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again


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Bosses will kill a player with low health in just a few hits.

It is impossible to place that statement in context as survivability comes from gear and stats in Dark Souls, but nonetheless it made me roll my eyes. A direct hit should kill the player on low health in one hit. That is the Dark Souls way.

edit: well played Timmo.

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Hey, I did wait for a few disappointed posts first but eventually by desire to expose the scam won :)

Very good job though guv. I don't normally click kotaku links but the QTE thing was a step too far and I just didn't believe it.

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Man, this sounds like a total cluster-fuck already. Demon / Dark Souls was always about learning the hard way. About reading the wiki. About slowing peeling back the layers of obscurity. About getting invaded at the worst moment. In Demon's Souls you died at the end of the tutorial. Both games are the total antithesis of "accessible" or "casual".

I realise that Timmy is trolling, but I hope that the Eurogamer article doesn't mean what it certainly implies....

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This audio discussion of the press release and Edge interview is really interesting. By EpicNameBro:

There is a part in the interview where the developers do talk about making DSII popular "like Skyrim.

Corrected by Moosegrinder below as I must have misheard the audio. Serves me right for listening to it while I'm trying to work.

They should have QTE in DSII, coupled with a Kinect feature which detects which button your thumb is headed for and immediately changes it.

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