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FTL festive mini league


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Haha as fun as it is watching Wincho poke sith, punishments wont be to harsh from this set up but we will have something set out in the start to encourage people to make sure they finish off there fixtures. So it'll just be a slight percentage off the funds per fixture missed for this one.

If you feel you need exonerated from punishment and you made plenty of effort. Please direct any plee bargains to executioner Wincho.

Given the period of time this tournament was set over I think we did pretty bloody well especially those who managed to get them all played!

I myself missed xyz and could have made more of an effort so ill take a hit in the bank of steel for that one.

To Mikes comment about the opening injuries. They are there to encourage people into the market, sometimes the numbers have been overly harsh in the past. I think Jazzy lost 6 players about 4 of them starting eleven players previously. We didnt have them this time round because we had season ending injuries for all but in the next season they will return! I'm pretty sure its Winchos favourite part.

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