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CITV Old Skool Weekend


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It was too subversive for the BBC.

EDIT: At Neal and Dekay - Are you sure you aren't confusing it with the Australian series, Round the Twist? Round the Bend was definitely on CITV.

Yes, I am. Tch,

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Theres some great shows there I had completely forgotten about. Finder Keepers was the one where you got to trash a whole house I think. I wanted to go on that more than Fun House and Knightmare at one point.

No The Trap Door is a shame.

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I was more of a CBBC kind of guy back in the day. Though saying that there were CITV shows I made sure I watched. From the ones mentioned I did watch the likes of Mike & Angelo, The Raggy Dolls, Sooty, Art Attack Finders Keepers, Fun House, Knightmare, Rainbow, Button Moon, Rosie & Jim, How 2, Jungle Run and My Parents are Aliens

Dangermouse and Duckular too, though only on VHS and reruns.

Remember thinking Children's Ward was shit anytime I turned over and it was on. Never actually watched much of it though.

Weekend needs more ZZZap! and Bernard's Watch.

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We mostly lived in an ITV household when I was a kid... BBC was too posh for our family. So I grew up on CITV in the 80s. I remember going round a mate's house when I was 9 after school and he put CBBC on and I was like, "What is this?" I didn't even know there was a different channel with different programmes. I was insulted and afraid at the very concept of Andy Crane in that broom cupboard. But eventually I switched to CBBC... their programmes were better. I was always the snooty one in the family: the one who doesn't smoke, the one who went to university... the one who watched CBBC.

But anyway. The 80s were CITV.

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